Repurposed “Pet Rock” for Water Filtration? Pretty much!

mineral rockI found the wording in the user’s manual of a very popular “water filtration system” to be entertaining.   This device is a  step above a Brita or Zero filter in that the filtration is a little more advanced. In fact, his system will set you back several hundreds dollars but the real money comes in play with the maintenance.

In addition to having 5 filters that need to be replaced each year, the “primary” filter must be replaced every 200 gallons.  That’s every other month for most families.  It also requires  that  you replace the “rocks” once a year?  Apparently you pour your tap water into the filter and it cleans up your water source and then the water runs over the rocks to make it alkaline?  You better do a little research on what those rocks are and BE SURE to clean them OFTEN!  Sounds like a mold pit to me!

 Is it any wonder people are confused about healthy water options?  Here is a snapshot of the troubleshooting guide for this popular “filtration system”:



Water has a disagreeable taste or odor


Poor water quality or filters need replacing


(1) Check quality of water used in system

(2) Clean pre-filter  pads

(3) Replace filter cartridges

So…if the water tastes or smells bad then you put the blame on “the quality of the water used” in the system?  Wait a minute! Wasn’t that the point of spending several hundred dollars on this system  in the first place?  Go figure.

You get what you pay for in life. If you want a quality car you PAY for it.  If you want quality wine you PAY for it. If you want quality water you PAY for it.

If you buy into the idea that you can generate healthy drinking water with a table-top water filter that runs over mystery rocks then go for it BUT when your water has a “disagreeable taste or odor” don’t call me.

I want only THE BEST water for my family and I was willing to PAY for it.  The life cycle of my water generator is 20 years.  I have to replace the carbon filter once or twice a year and it doesn’t require that I purchase pet mineral rocks to make my water high alkaline….mine does that with source water and electricity.

I wonder how long that rock water “filtration system” will last?  I wouldn’t hold out a lot of hope for longevity.  After all, with 5 separate filters and mystery rocks that need replacing every year, it sounds like a short term nightmare to me.

Who knew that rocks could wear out?  If you live long enough you hear it all.



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