12 Million Kids With Asthma? What’s Going On????

kid with inhaler

When my kids were young it was rare to see a child hauling around an inhaler or needing a time out for a Nebulizer treatment.   Today it is reported that 2 in every 10 kids are being treated for asthma.  What in the world is going on?

I don’t doubt that asthma is a real problem but I can’t help but wonder if small changes could make a big difference.

Dr. Batmanghelidj, author of Your Body’s Many Cries for Water has this to say:

“It is estimated that 12 million children suffer from asthma, and several thousand die every year.  Let us declare an end to asthma in less than five years.   Let us save children from the constant fear of suffocation because they do not recognize that they are thirsty for water!”

If your child suffers from asthma you might be rolling your eyes right now at the audacity of this pioneering physician (with 20 years of clinical and scientific research on the role of water in the body)  to suggest that water could make a difference for your child with asthma.  Perhaps  that is part of the problem.  We can’t see the forest for the trees anymore.  Maybe we’ve gotten so far down the line with modern medicine (that seemingly has a pharmaceutical answer for everything) that we can’t…or won’t…consider the root cause of the problem or the basic biological needs of the human body.

Every medical “expert” will agree that there is a definite relationship between dehydration and excessive histamine production in the body.  With this in mind, doesn’t it make sense that if the body is properly (and consistently) hydrated that the amount of  histamine would be more manageable?

I have spoken with mothers of grade school children who are withholding fluids from their children before school because their kids  aren’t permitted to use the restroom outside of planned breaks and lunch time,  One “accident” sealed the deal in every situation.  How pathetic.  Our children are dehydrated (and sick) because school rules dictate when they can use the facilities ?  With that in mind, most grade school children are only consuming 6-8 ounces of fluids (at lunch time) for the entire day.  That’s not enough to hydrate a small dog and yet we expect them to have energy and brain power to get through the day.  If that isn’t losing sight of the needs of the human body I don’t know what is!

Get back to basics and FORCE your children to drink plenty of (healthy) water before, during and after school.  Rally against the schools if you have to!  Your children deserve to be hydrated and you just might be amazed at the results.


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2 thoughts on “12 Million Kids With Asthma? What’s Going On????

  1. Great article. For 30 years I suffered from Urteceria, an over reaction of histamine. If I dived into cold water, my lungs would close up and I would have an adverse reaction. If a bee stung me, I would have an adverse reaction and come out in hives. If I scratched myself, I would come out in welts. The cause of the problem…dehydration. I have not noticed these problems since drinking Kangen water.

    Jack Stagman
    Sent from my I-pad.

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