The Ultimate Weapon Runs on Water…But What Kind of Water?

edit weapon

In fiscal year (FY) 2005, while conducting military operations as part of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) in Afghanistan, projections by the U.S. Army for the amount spent on bottled  water was $190 million dollars.  Today the number has grown exponentially.  Bottled water for our troops makes no financial  sense whatsoever.  To make matters much worse, serving bottled water to our troops could easily result in another  “Agent Orange” type of health crisis down the road.  Exposure to herbicides (Agent Orange) and exposure to toxins from plastic water bottles can ultimately have the same negative impact on health.  Environmental exposure by a different name.

We are all well aware of the danger associated with drinking out of  plastic bottles ESPECIALLY when they are exposed to high temperatures.   Sitting in a warehouse in the Middle East is about as hot as you can get and yet; our government thinks this is good enough for our troops.  It’s time for us to do a little fighting for them, don’t you think?

Water is the source of all life.  Without it we die.  Without healthy water we get sick.   Rest assured, we will witness the deterioration of the health of our service men and women  long after they’ve served their time.  Many of the health challenges to come (from neurological  to cancer) can/will be directly attributed to their toxic exposure from plastics (and other environmental contaminants) during their time served.   Keep in mind that it won’t be recognized (or acknowledged) overnight.   After all, it took Agent Orange a while to do enough damage to be recognized too and countless veterans are paying the price for  it still today.  Is that any way to treat our “Ultimate Weapons”?

Sadly, the  kind of toxins that we’re feeding our troops today (through plastics/bottled water) are passed along  genetically by both mother AND FATHER to the next generation so they’ll pay the price for this exposure too.  Is it any wonder that the rate of autism is higher on military bases than in a civilian environment?  Go figure.

The government may not be warning us about the use of plastic bottles directly, however it does state that “both male and female should rid themselves of all environmental contaminants for at least 6 months prior to conception”.  Read between the lines yourself.  By the way, the government also says that it is healthier to drink filtered tap water than commercially bottled water…a warning that most American’s aren’t aware of.    The lessor of two evils?

My son proudly served in the USAF and he spent his share of time in Afghanistan.  I have heard him say many times that he can “still taste the plastic” when he looks at a plastic  bottle of water today.  Now he drinks only ionized, alkalized, electrically charged water out of BPA-free containers.  He tells me that he feels better than he has in a long time AND he knows that by drinking “medical grade” water he has begun the detoxing process to rid himself of the damage done during his deployment overseas (and beyond).

DURING MILITARY OPERATIONS for a fascinating (and detailed) look at the water problem surrounding our military today.  Thankfully, I’m not the only “nut” fighting against the use of commercially bottled water!

It’s time to raise awareness and to do whatever we can do to support our troops in all the ways that matter.  The right to have clean, non-toxic drinking water is a fundamental right.

God bless America!



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NOTE:  Our troops drink predominantly bottled water.  It is estimated that each soldier needs roughly 4 gallons of water per day…2 for drinking and 2 for cool-offs and hygiene.  At an estimated $5.00 per gallon that equates to $20.00 per day per service member.



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  1. Bjenkins1325 says:

    Excellent information.  Thanks for hydrating my brain.  

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