Incurable Cancer? All of it is! Prepare Your Body to do Battle!

Cancer research is big business. In fact, America spends an average of $5 billion a year (year-after-year) on cancer research and yet; we’re no closer to finding a cure than we were decades ago.

The cancer rate in America is at “epidemic levels”.  One in every 2 males and 1 in 3 females will be faced with cancer at some point in their lifetime.  Look around and ponder the possibilities. This fact should keep you awake at night!

We ALL have cancer cells.  The real focus should be on how to get these cancer cells NOT to grow in the first place.  No worries… we’ve had the answer to the root problem behind cancer (and every other chronic disease) for 93 years. Perhaps your doctor didn’t get the memo?  Stop relying on costly research and start taking the steps to kick your body into anti-cancer mode!

Funding for cancer research by category


Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize for Medicine for his 1923 discovery of the root cause of cancer (and all chronic diseases).  Dr. Warburg discovered that an acidic body and oxygen deprived cells are the problem!.  When the body remains in an acidic state it is an invitation for cancer cells to grow.  When the body is alkaline, these cells simply can’t thrive. THE IMMUNE SYSTEM IS THE KEY TO sustaining AND regaining your health!

How do you sustain a proper alkaline state?  Naturally eating alkaline foods, rich in antioxidants is a good start.  Unfortunately there are many other factors associated with your acidosis and you can’t possibly consume enough alkaline foods to make the difference you need to make to battle cancer cells.  Your answer is ionized, alkalized, electrically charged water.

Dr. William Kelly, author of Cancer Cure has this to say about alkalized water:

“Alkaline water produced by a water ionizer has become the most important advancement in health care since Sir Alexander Fleming’s discover of penicillin”

There is only one medical-grade ionizer on the market that has been used in hospitals and prescribed by physicians for the past 40 years…Enagic’s SD501.  There are a million reasons that you and your family should be drinking fresh ionized water on a regular basis…not the least of which is that you will be armed to do battle with the Big C.  The best action is always prevention.



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