I Lied About Alkaline Water!

power in phIt is said that “the truth will set you free” so here goes…I lied about alkaline water.  I have been busy preaching the benefits of alkaline water without understanding that long-term use of alkaline water can be detrimental to your health!  It is vitally important to good health that we keep the body in an alkaline state, however the method that we use to accomplish this can “make or break” us.  An alkaline diet is a great start but it’s just not enough to maintain the balance needed.  Water is a crucial component.

There is a HUGE difference between alkaline water and alkalized water.  How can you tell the difference?  That’s easy!  Alkaline water is enhanced with minerals and it can be tested with a standard pool-type pH strip because pH strips react to a chemical change.  Alkalized water will not change the color of a pH strip because there are NO added minerals or chemicals used in the process.  Alkalized is produced by the introduction of electricity and therefore it must be tested using pH drops.

Alkalized water is water that has been modified with the use of very high voltage electricity.  If the electrical influence is strong enough. it will create was is referred to as “dissociation of water”.

Dr. Michael Donaldson (below) has become an expert on the impact of alkalized water on the human body and he explains the differences between alkaline and alkalized water much better than I can.  I encourage you to preview this brief explanation.  This is key to your health!

The bad news is that I offered an “uneducated” version of the need for alkaline water.  The good news is that the source that I’ve been recommending all along produces ALKALIZED water NOT alkaline water.  Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better….




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