Mammograms…Preventative Mastectomies…Think Again!


 It’s time to take control of your own health and to put more focus on prevention than on scare tactics



A 20-year study conducted by the University of Minnesota School of Medicine reports that this procedure (preventative mastectomy) is ineffective in keeping cancer away.  Dr. Todd Tuttle, Chief of surgical oncology reports,  “We found fairly convincing evidence that there really is no meaningful long-term survival benefit for the vast majority of women with breast cancer by having their opposite breast removed.”

(NaturalNews) Western medicine is so aggressive and cut-throat that even the idea of prevention has been skewed to the point of chopping off and cutting out body parts for “preventing” cancer that isn’t even there.

Fear and self-mutilation are not the answer. Today in American mainstream medicine, women are given the option to remove healthy breasts, ovaries and other female parts so cancer won’t get a hold of them in the future. This is like preventing house fires by first burning out important internal structures that might catch fire one day.


Several studies have determined that mammography in younger women appears to do more harm than good.  A Cochrane Database review from 2009 found that breast cancer screening led to a 30 percent rate of over diagnosis and over treatment, which increased the absolute risk of developing cancer by 0.5 percent.

Another serious consideration surrounding routine mammograms is the unnecessary exposure to radiation and the potential damage that compression of the breast might do to the cancerous tissue within.  Not good.

Self-exam is STILL the best means of recognizing a problem in the first place.  I have heard time-and-time-again from women who were sure to get their  mammograms like clock-work and yet they found “the problem” on their own through self exam.  You know your body better than anyone or anything else does!  Start looking for problems the old-fashioned way.

When diagnostics are required, thermography is a non-invasive (and non-barbaric) option that all women should consider.


Any doctor out there worth their co-pay will tell patients to alkalize the body to avoid (and to battle) cancer.  A huge part of the protocol at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America includes a focus on alkalinity.  In addition to assuring that their patients are eating a high-alkaline diet (avoiding acidic foods and beverages) they also encourage the use of a quality water ionizer to boost the pH level of the body.  Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Otto Warburg discovered that cancer cells grow in an acidic environment but they can’t grow in an alkaline environment.   Has anybody shared that with you?


There are lots of things that  all of us need to do to sustain health (and battle disease).  A proper diet, exercise, plenty of rest, fresh air and sunshine, etc.   When it comes to your health, your body deserves THE BEST.  I often hear people complain about the cost of organic foods, quality supplements AND healthy water.  If you think wellness is expensive,  you should see what disease costs!  Drinking Kangen Water® is the single most impactful thing that you can do to alkalize the body and it’s the best investment for health that you’ll ever make.  Killing Cancer…Not People and Alkalize or Die are two MUST reads for anyone facing (or scared of facing) the big “C”.


Reducing Environmental Cancer Risk…What We Can Do Now is a very telling study conducted by NIH in conjunction with the President’s Cancer Panel and presented to the White House in 2009.    This report is intended to be available to every American.  The only problem is that they don’t tell you that it exists.    This report is not an easy read so I’ll summarize the important points that pertain to all of us when it comes to avoiding environmental risk of cancer:

1.  Take control of your own health

2.  Avoid pesticides/herbicides/preservatives/etc – eat fresh, local foods

3.  Limit exposure to radiation (including mammograms)

4.  Male and female need to detox of harmful toxins prior to conception

5.  Clean up your source water and avoid commercially bottled water

By the way, if you look closely you’ll notice that the White House has been focused on fresh local foods, proper hydration (Drink-up campaign) AND healthy water (it is reported that the 1st family drinks Kangen Water).  I think they read the report!  Will you?

If you really want to decrease your odds of getting cancer, I highly recommend that you consider taking control of your own health instead of removing body parts that (apparently) won’t  increase your odds at all.



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