Steve Jobs…Health Nut or too Smart for his Own Good?

appleI am famous for saying “sometimes people can be SO SMART that they’re stupid”.  Steve Jobs was clearly one of the most brilliant technological visionaries of all times.  His diligence and ability to build, not only the right product at the right time but to surround himself with the right team to pull it all off, is nothing short of genius.  However, when it comes to health and nutrition its an entirely different story.

Apparently “Apple” was duly named by Steve Jobs.  He took “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” to a whole new level.    Steve Jobs didn’t just eat an apple a day…apparently he ate them all day.  Steve Jobs  followed a “fruitarian” diet with some minor modifications (surprise!)…He is said to have eaten ONLY FRUIT FOR SEVERAL YEARS prior to his death.  

It doesn’t take a rocket-scientist to know that the body needs more than just fruit to function and that an overdose of fruit-only will almost assuredly lead to pancreatic issues.   Although some give credit to Steve’s protocol for “extended life” with pancreatic cancer, others will suggest that his pancreatic cancer was not the “bad kind” (they all sound bad to me) and that he likely could have reversed his condition if he had been willing to take the advice from qualified nutritionist and adjust his diet to the needs of his body.  I guess he thought that he was smarter than that.  That’s not a surprise.

“Steve Job’s Fruit Diet Put Ashton Kutcher in the hospital”

Hollywood  got a up-close look at a fruit only diet when Ashton Kutcher tried to emulate Steve Job’s unique diet in preparation for the filming of the Jobs movie.  Kutcher’s attempt to mirror Jobs backfired when he ended up in the hospital with severe pancreatic problems within a few weeks of adopting this diet.

Sounds to me like Jobs took EVERYTHING over the top.  It’s too bad.  This genius died a relatively young man.  It’s a shame he wasn’t willing to listen to “stupid people”.   I think he could have learned a few things from us.



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  1. Thomas Braun says:

    The cellular complexity of the human body is beyond our comprehension in many ways, but understanding a basic precept that nutrient deficiencies will be expressed by disease states should motivate everyone to reject dead food and embrace good nutritional habits which exclude trace toxins from factory processed food products including our factory animal meat sources who rely on antibiotics and drugs to maximize the profitability of the operation. My video “N2E+ for Life” explains how everyone should embrace a life style that has the potential for everyone to live into their 90’s and beyond. It is being done today by those living in the Blue Zone. Steve Jobs would be with us today, if there had been some medical wisdom to measure his blood values of key nutrients. Visit and learn about the “30 nutrient test”. My video “Hello Sunshine, Primer on Vitamin D” is available at Amazon as well as the N2E+ for Life video. Nutrient deficiencies abound in the US especially Vitamin D. We have had a major cultural shift over the last half century that has accelerated our downward health spiral. Google my article “Autism Crisis N2E”

    1. h2orevival says:

      Thank you for your input. I read your article on the Autism Crisis and I agree with you 100%. Another important factor (other than avoiding toxins) is aiding the body in eliminating toxins. Healthy water (Kangen Water) is a powerful tool for hydrating at the cellular level, hence flushing toxins from the body. Keep up the good job in raising awareness. Together we CAN change lives…one at a time.

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