We are Global…We are Expanding…We are Recruiting!


Me:   I’m a seasoned business veteran in search of a few good men and women.  Age is not a factor.  I have years of sales AND training experience to share with you.  I’ve sold billions of dollars of assets over the years, I’ve developed international training programs and I’ve taught some of the leading Dale Carnegie courses in my career.  People working with me WILL see success if they are willing to work hard and are willing to follow my lead.  People close to me will vouch for my heart, my easy going personality AND my ability to lead.  I’m bold enough to believe that I can change the world and I’m compassionate enough to help you do the same thing!  If you’ve been searching and searching for “the right partner”, you’ve come to the right place.

You:  You are tired of living paycheck-to-paycheck and you believe there must be a better way.  You have a hidden desire to build your own business and to create a revenue stream in your life big enough to fulfill your dreams.  You don’t laugh at the idea of “changing the world”…in fact, you are inspired to make a difference yourself!  You love the idea of being your own “boss” and you long for more time to enjoy life.  There is an entrepreneur inside of you begging to get out!   You might think that you lack the finances or experience to start you own business; OR perhaps fear has stood in your way of taking this giant step.  If you could find “the right match”, the right business, the right team, the right training and an affordable (and financeable) start-up option you would JUMP at the opportunity.

If you think we are a good match, send me a message to schedule a time for detailed discussions. I’m ready to lead.  Are you ready to follow?

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