Take 2 Pills and Don’t Call Me In The Morning!

quick fixIt is reported that the average doctor visit in the U.S. is 7 minutes long and the average patient walks out with 2 prescriptions.  Although I don’t presume to have their knowledge-base nor do I necessarily question their authority; I DO question precisely how much these guys can possibly get to know about us and our “problems” within those 7 minutes.  Clearly we spend a lot more time flipping through magazines in the waiting room than we will ever get to spend with the doctor.  Sad but true.

My mechanic spends more than 7 minutes with me to get a thorough understanding of what my car is doing or not doing. My hairdresser spends more than 7 minutes with me discussing what I want to have done to my hair. I never once spent less than 7 minutes talking with a teacher at school about one of my children so it is troubling that the very person who holds my life (literally) in his/her hands apparently has no desire to look for, or to adequately evaluate, the root cause of my problem.  Apparently they’re happy with the Reader’s Digest version of the symptoms.  It’s so much easier to write a prescription or two.

With all of the focus on the environmental issues and the relative impact to our health, it seems logical that we would at least be asked about our potential exposure to toxins and our general lifestyle.  It sure would be nice to know that the doctor is actually looking for the CAUSE not just the most profitable TREATMENT.   I don’t particularly want to take a pill to do away with my symptoms…I’d rather address the root cause of my symptoms and avoid it completely!!

Almost every week of this year I have received an email requesting prayer and support in finding a CURE for cancer THIS YEAR.  Don’t get me wrong…of COURSE I want us to find a “cure” for cancer BUT if we already know the root cause of cancer (we’ve known since 1923) so why aren’t we focusing on that?  When is the last time that your doctor talked to you about that one? Oops.  What was I thinking? He probably didn’t have time.


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