The Secret to Success? Focus on The “Boomers”!

boomersA wise and wealthy man once told me that the secret to success is to “find a need and fill it”.  Success doesn’t necessary rely on what you like to do or what you want to do.  Instead, financial success comes by identifying the right market or opportunity at just the right time.   Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are perfect examples of projecting the market trends at just the right time.  They identified the need and they filled it.  The rest is history.

If you’re pondering your direction in this economically challenging world, you need to focus on finding a need and filling it.  While you’re contemplating your direction, you should consider that there is a tremendous amount of opportunity for success within the Baby Boomer demographic.

Tremendous Market Potential!

Data from the U.S. Census Bureau shows that there are currently 77 million Baby Boomers in America.   Baby Boomers make up 25% of our total U.S.  population.  Common sense tells us that if we can identity (and address) a need within this Baby Boomer sector, success is likely to follow.   Baby Boomers can be credited to numerous  astronomical market expansions over the years.  Here’s a short history on Baby Boomer-driven markets that should be eye-opening and thought-provoking for your business.

Baby Boomer-Driven Business

1.  Due to the vast number of babies being born between 1946-1964 (Baby Boomers) the need for hospitals along with the need for medical professions  spun out of control. This caused a “boom” in the construction industry and a “boom” in educational/degree  programs necessary to support the growing needs.

2.  As babies grew they needed to be fed.  This caused a boom in the baby food and formula industry.  Companies like Gerber anticipated this growth and subsequently built their name brand and success from the needs of the Boomers.  Gerber remains a leader today.

3.  Naturally the Boomers needed toys to play with.  Companies like Mattel and Hasbro anticipated the growth and positioned to fulfill the needs.  They remain leaders in the toy industry still today.  In fact, in recent years there has been another influx in revenue in the toy industry as Boomers head back to the market for the latest and greatest for their grandchildren.

4.  As the Boomers reached school age there weren’t classrooms big enough to fulfill the numbers so a massive school building campaign took place across the U.S.  This livened-up the construction industry and it created a growing need for teachers.  The academia world experienced growth as advanced education options were put in place to fulfill the Boomer-driven needs.

5.  Companies like McDonald’s saw the potential in the Boomer  market  and they built their fortunes  marketing to them.   Happy colors, Happy Meals and great advertising drove parents to McDonald’s to satisfy their Boomer babies.  Boomers are now introducing the next generation to Happy Meals.

6.  The next market boom came when the Boomers reached adulthood and they wanted a place of their own (or two or three).  The finance industry was modified to accommodate the needs through creative financing programs and new homes were built and sold to Boomers.  The housing and mortgage business boomed for decades because of the needs and desires of the Boomers.  The economy took a turn when the Boomers backed out of the market and the real estate boom came to an abrupt halt.  Today the need for 55 and older communities across the U.S. remain steady…another Boomer-driven real estate trend.

7.  As Baby Boomers began to age, the medical/pharmaceutical industry took off.  The massive number of Boomers with health challenges has driven the breaking point in our medical care system and could potentially break our social security program.    With society being sold on “a pill for every ill”, the pharmaceutical industry continues to thrive on the needs of the Boomers. Rising costs, reduced benefits and chronic conditions has created a perfect storm for next Boomer-driven opportunity.

8. As Boomers strive to restore health and reverse aging the health and wellness industry booms.  This industry has grown to a whopping $300 billion industry as many Boomers search for the fountain youth and alternatives to dangerous symptom-treating pharmaceuticals.  The health and wellness industry is, by far, the most promising industry for success-driven professionals today.

The Perfect Storm…Now What?

We know that Baby Boomers are our “prospects” and we know that health and wellness is the driving force.  We  also know that  Baby Boomers are of the age that is known to (generally) have more time and energy to commit to their own needs and  they begin to focus on  health and mortality.

There are a lot of health and wellness options out there for Boomers so you’ll need to identify something that is trend-setting and mind blowing.  In fact, Boomers have been around long enough to have “seen it all” so you’ll  need to identify something that will change lives.  Just another vitamin is not enough to set you/your product apart so it isn’t likely you’ll produce financial success that way.  There are personal trainers and life coaches on every corner these days…that isn’t trend setting anymore.  Remember, your success is hinged on getting ahead of the curve and  standing out from the crowd.  Waiting for everybody else to get on board is waiting too late.  Think outside the box and find the need!

I Found the Need and I’m Filling it!

As for me, I have identified the one thing that ALL Baby Boomers need.  Better yet, they’re already aware of the fact that they need it so I don’t have to “sell them” on making a changes and they’re already searching for answers!  My product profoundly changes lives.   How perfect (and rewarding) is that?

I’ve got a trend-setting, mind-blowing, high-tech product that directly addresses the needs of the Baby Boomers within a $300 billion health and wellness industry!  I like the fact that I can share my product for an unspecified amount of time absolutely free so I don’t have to inventory anything or spend a lot of money on samples, etc.,  to do my business.   My product delivers results each and every time and it does all of the “heavy lifting” for me so (thankfully) I don’t actually “sell” anything!

I’ve found the need and I’m filling it!  One glass at a time.

Since I have a trend-setting business, there is a lot of room for others to be part of this amazing opportunity with me.  My product is already in use by millions and millions of people outside of the U.S. and it’s just a matter of time (and effort) before U.S. families follow suit.

If life-changing appeals to you, you might want to ride this wave with me.

Bottoms-up, Boomers!



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