News Flash! Heavy Metal Isn’t All About Music


Don’t look now but we’re being poisoned from the inside out.  Many of the products we use have heavy metals in them.  Heavy metals are in the foods we eat, the water (most of us) drink, and the air we breathe.  Although the body needs very small amounts of  zinc, copper, cobalt, manganese, molybdenum, vanadium and strontium, we take in more than 20  heavy metals that are non-essential (and ultimately harmful)  to our health.  The is largely due to our demand for a convenient lifestyle and our complacency in allowing this dangerous exposure to be part of our daily living.

Once heavy metals enter the body they do damage at the cellular level by causing dangerous free radical production.   This is an open invitation for cancer and other chronic diseases.  Autism is NOT the only metal sensitive “condition” we face in America today and refraining from immunizations is not the only remedy!

Mercury, aluminum, lead and cadmium cause damage to the intestinal tract. Heavy metal toxicity is commonly attributed to the “gut” issues that most children on the autism spectrum suffer with.  While aluminum isn’t truly a heavy metal, it’s still an extremely poisonous substance that can accumulate in  body tissue.  Research has implied that aluminum toxicity may be a key component to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.  Of course, scientist don’t want to believe that something this “simple” could be the root cause of the problem so the jury is still out on that one.  I suspect that it will STAY out as long as the money for research and treatment continues to flow.

The colon has a huge job just dealing with digestion of  all the foods and drinks we consume…it has a nearly impossible job when you consider the toxins that enter the body along with food, air, WATER and other dangers that we encounter as part of  modern-day living.   We need to give the body some relief by making every effort to avoid heavy metal exposure and by actively detoxifying the body on a routine basis.

Here are some simple steps that everyone can manage!

  • Eliminate exposure to aluminum in all products as much as you can including antiperspirants, cookware and utensils.  Don’t purchase food or drink in aluminum cans.
  • Watch what you eat – pay attention to where your seafood comes from.
  • An ion foot baths is a  powerful detoxifying treatment. It works by delivering an electric current into the body through the feet. Charged ions attach to heavy metal toxins and neutralize them.  The metals are then pulled out of the body through your feet as you soak them.
  • Avoid radical detox therapy!  The colon already has enough challenges without stripping it of the natural antibodies needed for good health!
  • Drink only medical grade water and LOTS of it…every day…all day!

Heavy metal toxicity is passed on from generation to generation.  Is it any wonder we’re in the midst of a health crisis?



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