Global Warming or Not…We’ve Got Huge Problems

Whether you buy into the global warming theory or not, you have to admit there have been some strange climate changes across the globe in the past few years. From record breaking heat waves and catastrophic droughts to deadly flooding.

If you haven’t been directly impacted by any of these events I wouldn’t breathe a sigh of relief just yet.  One aspect that should be of great concern to all of us  is how these changes may be directly affecting something we can’t live withoutour drinking water.

Both scientists and environmentalists are concerned that changes in our climate directly affect our water supply: an increase of water can spread about more pollutants, while rivers and lakes affected by droughts contain less water to dilute pollutants. While some states in the U.S. have made steps to counter the potential threats of climate change on regional water supplies (by adding more toxic chemicals), other states and regions have yet to follow, leaving many consumers to take extra measures to ensure the purity of their drinking water at home no matter what.

Isn’t it time that we take water seriously?  Are we so spoiled by having (what we perceive to be) an abundance of “safe” water that we don’t care about what we drink or when we drink it?

As for me and my family?  After much research and weeding through the countless array of water purifiers on the market (believe me,  it’s a daunting task to find the right product) we opted for Kangen Water®.  The creators of Kangen Water® have engineered a top-of-the-line water ionizer that removes harmful pollutants, retains vital nutrients, and electrically charges your water for optimal health and hydration.  The fact that this company has been producing these medical grade units for the past 40 years and that they are in use in hospitals around the globe is impressive and sets them apart from all others.  We will have healthy drinking water NO MATTER WHAT.  What about you?

Whether or not you believe the threats of volatile weather, one thing holds true; you may not be able to control the change in the climate, but you can control the water you drink.  Do it NOW!



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