Horses Die Fast From Food Additives…Humans Take a While

horseIn September of 2014, the Masterpiece Equestrian Center in Davie, Florida gave 22 horses feed containing monensin, an antibiotic generally given to cattle and chickens to make them grow. However, monensin is toxic to a horse’s muscles…particularly the heart.  These horses continued to eat the tainted feed for a month before the first horse died. Another died two days later, and a third not long after.  A fourth horse was euthanized and veterinarians prepared for the rest to die within a week.

Horses aren’t the only victims. Cows and chickens are victims too!  It isn’t that monensin (and every other toxin they feed animals) is safe for cows and chickens.  The sad reality is that horses generally live a long life and the cows and chickens head to slaughter at a young age; so it doesn’t really matter if it’s harmful to them or not as long as it fattens them up before they are slaughtered.  Sad but true.

Wake up, America!  If you think these additives are safe for humans then you need to get your head out of the stalls.  Toxins are not species specific.  We’re dying a slow and miserable death from environmental toxins as surely as we breath and it’s time to fight back.

It’s too bad human health issues related to environmental toxins don’t get as much press as they do when our furry friends are involved. We may not be as beautiful in the eyes of some, but human life is second to none.



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