Willing to Die For Our Country? Certainly Not This Way!

It is common knowledge that plastic water bottles should not be left in a hot car or stored in the heat because the toxic BPA will leach into the water itself.  BPA is known to cause cancer, disrupt hormones and wreak havoc on our neurological system.

So why is it that the very people who are willing to put their lives on-the-line for our safety and for our freedom are offered bottled water that is stored in hot warehouses (some in the middle east where temperatures can rise to 130 degrees)?  I think this takes the definition of being willing to die for our country just a little too far. After all, nobody signs up to be poisoned.

The aftermath of the BPA in plastic water bottles being offered to our troops will make the Agent Orange nightmare look like Romper Room.  Time will tell.  When is enough, enough?

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  1. I’ve often seen those pics taken in Iraq and wondered what effect it would be having.. but another article I came across showed the incredibly poorly managed water reticulation systems set up for our armed forces; overdosiong of chemicals, underdosing, inadequate or no testing, leaks and conatminant backflow…

    1. h2orevival says:

      Sure no way to treat heroes, that’s for sure.

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