Don’t Ever Give Up! Get Out of Your Comfort Zone and Keep Moving Forward!

We all have a lot more God-given potential than we ever tap.  If you are looking for a breakthrough in your life, keep moving, keep fighting, don’t quit.  It will be a lot of work but the victory in the end is PRICELESS.

This clip is from Facing the Giants and it is a perfect example of what it’s like to press on beyond your comfort zone….headed toward victory.  Enjoy!



If health is important to you then you’ll want to watch this!  

A life-changing video for you and your family…guaranteed!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Pat and Mike says:

    Lynn, SO INSPIRATIONAL! We are all our own worst enemies. If we can get past ourselves, the possibilities are limitless. Mike

  2. h2orevival says:

    So true, Mike. We just have to keep moving forward with everything we’ve got!

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