Walt Disney Talked “Dirty” in 1946 Film? Nah….Just Sex Ed Taught the Right Way

Walt Disney was not exempt from the economic hardships during WWII.  His animated entertainment films were not in demand and investors were not financially supporting his efforts BUT; Walt Disney did NOT GIVE UP.  Walt Disney kept filming, but he moved his filming focus from entertainment to education.  He loved children and he was determined to have an impact on them one way or another.

The Story of Menstruation was conceived (no pun intended) as part of a series of films that Disney produced for the American public school system between 1945 -1951.  This is a fabulous (and timeless) film that I believe every young person should watch.  I wish I’d discovered it when my children were young.  You can bet that my grandchildren will watch this film when the time is right…at grandma’s house, of course.

If discussing the human body makes you uncomfortable then you probably shouldn’t watch this 1946 film.  Clearly you still have a little maturing to do of your own.

For those who don’t appreciate the miracle of human life,  you probably shouldn’t watch this film either.  After all, it refers to “a budding human being” and “the gift of life” and there is no mention of a cosmic boom or an insignificant fetus.  You guys are better off watching a science fiction film than a science film any day.

If you listen carefully to this film you’ll hear the a recommendation to “drink plenty of water”.  We don’t hear that much any more.  We’ve replaced water with our “drink of choice” and we call it progression.  If the human body is 70% water, there is no ignoring the need for water every day of the month and no other fluid can possibly take its place.

This film rings true for the era.  Back in the olden days water was a way of life.  Physicians encouraged patients to drink plenty of it every day…in sickness and in health.

From the day of birth we offered up water to our little ones…now we forbid them to drink it for the first 6 months of life.

Even the food pyramid referred to water as the single most important nutrient for the human body and water was considered to be THE MOST important part of our daily routine. Progression…

It’s time to get back to basics…in more ways than one.  The olden days made a lot more sense.

Bottoms-up, Boomers.



Water is the most important nutrient

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