Outbreak of Measles…a Day of Reckoning?


In 1998, British medical researcher Andrew Wakefield published a study claiming that the MMR vaccination caused children to show signs of “regressive autism.”  Since we were experiencing autism at alarming rates, Wakefield sent the world into a tail spin and the ultimate immunization blame game began.

Although Wakefield was eventually cited for misconduct for his “reckless reporting” (and charged with abuse of developmentally challenged children) and in spite of the fact that no other scientist has ever been able to duplicate his results; his claims have had a lasting impact on the way parents address childhood medical care. It is reported that only about 1/2 of all Americans believe that vaccines are safe at all.

Today we’re starting to see things like Measles and TB rear their ugly heads and the parents that have opted-out of immunizing their children are getting a lot of pressure to rethink their position.

I’m beyond having to worry about young children and immunizations but I doubt that I would opt-out of everything if given a choice.  I still remember people in leg braces from polio and I know that people can die from complications to Measles. Personally, I believe that immunizations can be the straw that broke the camel’s back to a child already ridden with toxins.

I DO believe that it is our right to make safe and healthy decisions about what’s right for our own families and I DO believe that children are worth fighting for.  I just wonder how far we’re willing to go to guard the health of our children beyond the battle over immunizations?

Whether we agree on shots being a factor in autism or not we CAN agree on the fact that autism is a toxicity issue.  Toxicity that began long before conception.    Reducing Environmental Cancer risk (an NIH report from 2008/2009) warns us that both male and female need to detox of all contaminants at least 6 months prior to conception.  Clearly we already know that toxins are impacting our DNA!    Autism should come as no surprise.

I can’t help but wonder how many people would ever have kids if they knew that they’d be seriously inconvenienced (God forbid) before parenthood!

Are you willing to avoid things like BPA at all costs?

Are you willing to eat fresh (locally grown) organic food instead of convenient, time-saving processed foods?

Are you willing to avoid toxic cleaning products and stop using harmful pesticides in your yard?

Are you willing to nix the soda and dramatically increase your water intake so that you body actually has a chance to detox?

Are you willing to invest in a long-term healthy (non-toxic) water option even if it does cost you a little bit to do it?

If you answered “No” to any of these questions then stop pointing fingers at immunizations.  If you aren’t willing to fight the entire toxicity problem then you might want to pick another battle.  It’s a day of reckoning.



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