Do You Struggle With Kidney Stones? You Have No Excuse!

According to UCLA scientists, 1 in 10 Americans now develop kidney stones.   In 1994 only 1 in 20 Americans developed kidney stones.  With a 100% increase in people suffering from this painful condition within a few short years, we can safely chalk this up as yet another sign of deteriorating health in America.

Here is what the pros are saying about this “common health condition”

“Kidney stones are becoming a very common health condition in the United States,” said lead researcher Dr. Charles Scales Jr., a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation/U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs clinical scholar in the David Geffen School of Medicine departments of urology and medicine at UCLA. They are more common than heart disease, stroke and diabetes, he added.

The authors assert that these findings have important implications for the public as well as health care providers. “People should consider the increased risk of kidney stones as another reason to maintain a healthy lifestyle and body weight,” says Christopher S. Saigal, MD, MPH, senior author, principal investigator within RAND Health for the Urologic Diseases in America project and associate professor of urology, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. But physicians need to rethink how to treat, and more importantly, prevent kidney stones.”

This study goes on to suggest that obesity, diabetes, and gout all increase the risk of kidney stones.  That should come as no surprise to you if you consider the root cause of THOSE conditions. The culprit is acid overload in the body and alkalinity is your answer.   Get rid of the acid and you’ll stop struggling with kidney stones.  It really is that simple.

How can you reduce the acid in your body?  Clearly your diet is a key factor in fighting acidity.  Eating alkaline foods will go a long way in balancing acidity. But acidic foods aren’t your only enemy. Drinking fluids that are highly acidic are a big part of the problem too.

Most people know that beverages like coffee and soda are acidic. That’s a no-brainer.  Some kidney stone sufferers have traded soda for water already.  Unfortunately most people don’t know that the water they drink can be very acidic too.  Most commercially bottled water, tap water, reverse osmosis water… are ALL highly acidic and are ultimately doing serious damage to your body.

Unless massive amounts of kale every day for the rest of your life appeals to you, you will likely struggle with dietary changes significant enough to make a difference in your alkaline levels.  At least not enough to make a difference for your kidney stone problem.  To aid in the alkaline process try drinking lots of Kangen Water®.   This ionized, alkalized (not alkaline), electrically charged, anti-oxidant water is “just what the doctor ordered” for you acidic body.

For some odd reason, most Americans would much rather seek the advice of a physician where they’d be given a barrage of tests to confirm what is already “suspected” and  then given a pill or two to combat the problem.   After all, that’s the American way…always looking for a quick fix and magic pill instead of taking action to fight for their own health.  Kidney stones are a common sense problem and the solution is as simple as making a few lifestyle changes.

As for me, I’d rather focus on PREVENTION.  Raise your alkaline level and you’ll fend off LOTS of ugly ailments.  Go Kangen Water®!

Change your Water…Change Your Life!

ASK ME HOW you can try alkalized water absolutely FREE

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