If GMO’s Don’t Rattle Your Cage…How do You Feel About Beaver Butt?


Some of us waste a whole lot of time talking to some of you who believe that there is absolutely nothing wrong (or harmful) with your food and water supply.  We can do our best to educate you on the dangers of GMO’s in your food and BPA in your water and you tune us out like yesterday’s news.  Maybe…just maybe, you’ll pay closer attention to what’s in your food IF know more about what additives are used to make your food more appealing to the palette.

Beaver butt, otherwise known as “castoreum”, is one of the most common flavorings used in our food and yet; millions of people eat it everyday without knowing what they’re consuming.

Castoreum  is drawn from the castor sacs within the anus (aka “butt”) of the beaver.  For a beaver, this slimy brown substance is used to mark its territory, but for humans, it is used as a food additive that is labeled as “natural flavoring” – vanilla, strawberry and raspberry are the most common flavors that use beaver butt as an enhancer.

I wonder what deranged minds started emitting slime from the anus of a beaver for food purposes?  I’m assuming it was the same deranged minds that give a “thumbs up” for us to consume pesticides, herbisides, GMO’s, fluoride, BPA and everything else wreaking havoc on our health today.

I’m hoping that beaver butt is a wake-up call for you. There is danger lurking in your food and water and you can’t afford to ignore it anymore. When the food industry adds drainage from a beaver’s butt to enhance the flavor of your food, what else do you think they might be adding to your food and water while calling it “safe” and “natural”.  The list is very long and very scary.

We’ve got big problems and it’s time to take control of your own health.  Start reading labels and KNOW what’s in your food and water.  You’ll be glad you did.



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