These People Must Be Idiots!


Bill Gates

Donald Trump

Magic Johnson

Tiger Woods

Erin Brocovitch

Chuck Norris

Jillian Michaels

The Betty Ford Clinic

Angelina Jolie – Brad Pitt – all the kids

Steven Tyler of Aerosmith

Sylvester Stallone


Jennifer Lopez

Elton John

George Lopez

Martha Stewart

The White House Staff

Tom Cruise

The New York Yankees

The L.A. Lakers

Sylvester Stallone

and the list goes on and on…..



Most of these people own MULTIPLE Kangen water units

because they refuse to be anywhere without this water

Do they know something you DON’T know?

Change YOUR water…Change YOUR life!

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  1. Rita Atkins says:

    obviously you are a kangen machine network marketer.
    I have been researching water my self for a while and eventually got conned into buying a kangen machine, I used it for about 10 months and thought it was the best thing even though I did not feel any difference in my health.
    I eventually came across natural alkaline water and could not believe how much better it tasted.
    While you may go on about bottles and environment and so on, at the end of the day, the reason everyone buys a kangen is to improve their health or they think it will not anything else.
    I suppose if you or the kangen community really cares about people’s health, you’d take time and evaluate and respect and even maybe recommend brands of water that are actually much healthier than kangen.
    Since I have been drinking this particular brand of bottled water, my crones disease has disappeared and there are no about 8 of us who all own a kangen have put the machine in garage and only drink this brand of bottled water as well, we’ve tried to drink kangen, but instantly can taste the difference, it’s like tap and kangen.
    What I’m trying to basically say, don’t think that kangen water is that good at all, it is very highly overrated like any other network marketing product, always over rated.
    Here’s an article that I found about ionizers that hopefully could save or improve your health as well.

    1. h2orevival says:

      The good news is that we’re all entitled to our opinion…unless, of course, you are Chick-Fil-A…that’s another topic for another time.

      I’m sorry that you don’t enjoy the benefits of Kangen water. I did all of my research BEFORE I before I bought my first machine. I doubt that there is anyone on the planet more doubting and cynical as I am. This water changed my life and I needed to understand the science behind it. After I wrapped my head around it and understood the science I bought my first machine. Perhaps if you’d done that BEFORE you bought your machine you would be more satisfied. I have worked with dozens and dozens of people who’s lives have been dramatically changed and I am enjoying every minute of helping people. I have not dealt with ANYONE who isn’t completely satisfied and I routinely receive notes from people across the globe thanking me for introducing them to this water. Now THAT’S a satisfied customer.

      If all I cared about was drinking water I just might (maybe) listen to you about your product BUT I do a lot with my Kangen water. I took 2.5 pH water to the hospital where my friend was battled a bad (and continuous) case of MRSA. There are no meds for MRSA. We used 2.5 on him every hour for a full day and it began to heal. His physician now owns a machine. I use 11.5 for cleaning/laundry…5.5 into my hydroponic garden reservoir…no chemicals needed to change the pH. I use 6.0 on my skin and have replaced most cosmetics…my new grandson began to drink an ounce or two of 7.0 and he was rid of acid reflux…a common problem in newborns these days? Nope…it’s not just about drinking water…it’s a lifestyle. It’s also VERY reasonably priced when you consider all of the things you no longer have to buy AND you’re healthier as a result.

      I’m not a “network marketer” and this is not an MLM. I’ve been pitched on most (if not all) of them and those systems/businesses are not for me. I have not “recruited” anyone to sell with me (nor do I have to to qualify). I don’t’ have quotas to meet…I don’t have “autoship” requirements…its just me and my machines. I am a distributor and I love it.

      As for your garaged” machines, you should consider donating them to a charity. I’d be happy to put you in touch with folks who would love to have this water. You get those 8 machines out of storage and get the tax deduction/donation benefit. Give it some though.

      In closing, I’m glad that you found something that works for you. The important thing is that we’re both focused on wellness and doing our best to enlighten others. Keep up the good work.

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