Got (Imported) Milk?


In 1985  Congress authorized the “Dairy Termination Program” – a more transparent description than “herd retirement.”  The government  removed a staggering 12 billion pounds of milk from the US supply over an 18-month period, and the USDA took “bids” from farmers on how much they were willing to be paid to slaughter their cows so that our milk production would be drastically reduced.  By the end of the program, some 1.6 million dairy cattle were either slaughtered or exported.

Today the United States is the biggest milk exporting AND importing country in the world.  The US imports milk from 30 countries around the globe, including  Japan.   The biggest exporting country of milk to the US is Greece, followed by Canada,  Mexico, Spain and the UK.  All together about 86% of our milk is imported from across the globe.

So….the US offered irresistible incentives to dairy farmers to slaughter their herds to reduce our milk supply so that they can IMPORT milk from as far away as Japan?  Is it any wonder why we have problems?

In addition to worrying about what’s IN your milk, now you have to worry about what continent it comes from.  I wonder how it makes financial sense to ship gallons of milk around the globe?

How about a little imported milk with that cereal?



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