It’s Amazing What a Big Heart Can Do! How Big is Your Heart?

More than  20 years ago my friend, Dean (featured in this news clip), set out on a mission to serve the needy in Palm Beach County, Florida by providing hot Thanksgiving meals.  He rallied up a few friends and together they purchased the food and sacrificed their own holiday time to cook the meals and to serve the less fortunate in their community.  What has happened since then is nothing short of miraculous.

Each year the needs within the community have grown and grown.  When the economy took a turn several years ago the number of those in need flew off-the-charts.  Instead of putting limitations on their abilities or cowering down to the demands of the needy, this group determines to fill the needs year-after-year.  Today, the Big Heart Brigade serves over 100,000 Thanksgiving meals to the less fortunate in Palm Beach County; thanks to the kindness and the generosity of many.

It’s amazing what can be accomplished when your heart is big enough! 

Go Big Heart Brigade!  Thanks for being an inspiration to me year-after-year!

You can help provide a Thanksgiving meal

for someone for just $2.00

Click here if you’d like to donate

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