The U.N. Joins Civil Rights Activists in Fight for Water Rights? The Battle Begins…

water rights

“Whiskey is for drinking and water for fighting”

Mark Twain

Before we started collecting sewage, lacing it with chemicals and calling it water we had a whole different perspective on the importance of a reliable water supply.  “Location…location” was mostly determined by the access to safe water.  An ample supply meant that the  needs of the family would be met…an abundance meant that there would be enough for livestock.

Today 27,000 homes in Detroit alone  have been shut off from the public water system due to unpaid bills and the civil rights activists have called in the U.N. to investigate the possibility of the violation of Constitutional (and Civil)  Rights surrounding the water shut off.  With 45% of the city residents with outstanding water bills, Detroit’s water system is reportedly $6 billion in debt.  It looks like a perpetual state of checkmate.  What happens when a city water system goes bankrupt?  I guess we’ll go back to hauling water!

While it’s true that there are sanctions in place to protect our basic human rights to water,  these sanctions are primarily in place to protect us in a time of war.  Although I have compassion for those in financial hardship, tapping the public water system for free is stretching the limits.  Even though the city has proposed a two-year installment plan for outstanding water balances that would allow residents a “fresh start” and immediate access to water, they are refusing the deal and demanding water for free.   Yep…whiskey is for drinking and water for fighting!

 In spite of these dire circumstances, I find a little humor in the fact that some of the protester signs say “Protect Our Health…Water is Life” while the World Health Organization warns against the dangers of drinking tap water laced with up to 300 legally allowable chemicals necessary to make sewage potable.  Many of these chemicals are PROVEN to cause cancer.

Water IS life but the water these Detroit residents are fighting for is a far cry from being anything positive for health.  Mums the word, though.   If Detroit residents figure out that their water is actually recycled sewage we’ll be in for an even bigger Constitutional, Civil Rights battle!

How seriously do you take your water?  If I were you, I’d take steps to be offering my family the healthiest water I could get my hands on.  It isn’t free but it sure beats the cost of disease.

Bottoms-up, Boomers.

Changing the Way the World Looks at Water…

One Life at a Time!

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