Lysol and Anti-bacterial Wipes For Ebola? Are You Serious?

cleaningI am shocked at the number of people inquiring about the effectiveness of Lysol on the Ebola virus.  If killing the Ebola virus was as simple as dousing it with Lysol then we wouldn’t have a whole lot to worry about, now would we?  The makers of Lysol sure have done a good job with their claims about germs and bacteria!

Even IF Lysol was your answer in killing the Ebola virus, the risk to your health isn’t worth it.  Did you  know that the FDA categorizes Lysol as a pesticide and that you are voluntarily exposing your loved ones to toxic chemicals that can (and will) rob them of their health?   If you consider Lysol in the same light as a common weed killer, I hope you’d think twice before you spray any surface that you and your family are in contact with.  So in addition to Lysol being worthless for fighting Ebola, you need to get those chemicals out of your house NOW.

There is a safe, non-toxic option out there but you’ll have to fight your addiction to consumer products in pretty containers FIRST!

The best option has already been proven to kill things like MRSA, Typhoid, eColi, Samonella, even the AIDS virus within 30-60 seconds of contact.  Although it hasn’t been tested for Ebola YET, I’m pretty sure it will kill that virus on contact too.  It’s 10 times  stronger than bleach and yet; you won’t run to the ER if your little one is exposed to it or decides to drink a little just for fun.  The best option?  Hypochlorus acid (aka strong acid water).

You can’t buy hypochlorus acid because it is what the FDA refers to as “single use”.  This simply means that the properties of hypochlorus acid can’t be bottled and stored for long periods of time.  No problem!  You can “make” an endless supply of  your own hypochlorous acid using a quality water ionizer that can produce a pH level as low as 2.5 (Lysol is reported to be between 9-10 pH depending on how long the product has been bottled).

If you’re serious about health and you want peace of mind about nasty things like MRSA and Ebola you can have it all in one technology…a quality home-use water ionizer…the very best investment in your health and wellness that you’ll ever make.  There’s only one problem.  You’ll have to get over your addiction to pretty packaging with lame claims.


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