Can You Protect Yourself Against Ebola? I think so!


There is a lot of misinformation being passed along about Ebola.  I can’t say that I blame the authorities for masking the problem.  After all, the last thing the U.S. needs right now is an all-out panic over Ebola!

Don’t be fooled.  Ebola isn’t just spread by exposure to body fluids, it’s also spread via contaminated surfaces.  The virus can survive from minutes to hours in the open depending on temperature and humidity, etc.  If you come along after an infected person who has touched a shopping cart, a door knob, a gas pump or any number of surfaces, you’ve just managed to become infected yourself.  With this in mind, just imagine how much damage one sick person can do.  It’s time to take serious precautions!

The CDC suggests that over 2 million people will be stricken with Ebola before we find a way to win the battle.  That should come as no surprise as we continue to allow international flights filled with people already exposed to Ebola.  Our first U.S. exposure came from a man directly exposed  to Ebola in Liberia and yet he was allowed to fly from Liberia to Brussels, to Dulles International and on to Dallas where is has now managed to shut down an entire hospital in Texas.  It’s just the beginning…

If you think that the average disinfectant, hand-sanitizer or any of the other lame products making over- zealous claims about germs are enough to do warfare…think again.  Not only are these consumer products not up for the job, your exposure to the chemicals contained in these products will compromise your immune system and make you more susceptible to all viruses.

I refuse to let my family be a part of the statistics and I’ve got the best defense known to mankind.  I have a commercial grade water ionizer that produces an endless supply of the most potent germ/virus killer on the planet -hypochlorus acid aka “strong acidic water”.  There is only one water ionizer (anywhere in the world) that can produce 2.5 pH water which has been proven to eradicate MRSA, e Coli, Salmonella, Typhoid, even the AIDS virus within 30-60 seconds of contact and yet  it’s non-toxic and it won’t compromise your immune system.  Although it hasn’t been tested for Ebola YET  I am pretty confident that if it kills all of these other deadly viruses, it will likely kill the Ebola virus on contact too.

Another anti-Ebola benefit of having my own commercial grade ionizer is that it produces POWERFUL ionized, alkalized, anti-oxidant water that strengthens our immune system with every glass.  A strong immune system is vital if you’re going to battle Ebola (or anything else).



CLICK HERE for anti-Ebola protocol!





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  1. jackstagman says:

    This is a good strategy hitting this subject when the news can talk about nothing else.

    See you tomorrow.


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