Chemotherapy is a Waste of Time and Money? Now what?

If you’re inclined to take your cancer lying down then that’s your business. Get in line for chemo, buy a wig and pray like a maniac.  However, IF you’re inclined to fight back there are some things that you  need to understand about getting your body in balance so that IT is inclined to heal itself.


Killing Cancer…Not People

The Cancer Cure

Alkalize or Die

All of these experts have ONE very big thing in common.  They all focus on the need to WORK HARD to get your body in an alkaline state so that you can  fight off (or prevent) cancer.   They also all recommend that you enhance your alkalinity efforts with lots of the best  ALKALIZED, IONIZED water you can get your hands on!

“Alkaline water produced by a water ionizer has become the most important advancement in health care since Sir Alexander Fleming’s discovery of penicillin”

Dr. William Kelly author of Cancer Cure

The root cause of cancer was discovered in 1923 (Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize for this discover in 1931) and acidosis is your enemy.  Reduce the acid…increase the alkalinity and you’ve got  AMAZING odds of healing!

Keeping the body alkaline is not as easy as you might think.  Sorry folks, there isn’t a pill for that one.  Eating alkaline foods is a very good (and necessary) thing but unless you’re prepared to eat truck loads of fresh (pesticide-free) green leafy vegetables every day, you would serve your body well to drink lots of ionized, alkalized, electrically charged, anti-oxidant water.  One glass of (the right) water has much more impact than loads of greens (along with a multitude of other benefits)!

Water is the single most important nutrient for the human body so start giving it the attention it deserves!  There is a good reason people experience “miraculous healing” by drinking water from Lourdes, France or Tlacote, Mexico.  Since the water in my kitchen mirrors the water found naturally in these places, I hear about healing miracles all the time!

Don’t expect to kick your body into healing mode by going cheap.  You wouldn’t dream of searching the web for a cheap brain surgeon…don’t go looking for discounted food, nutrients or water if you want to FIGHT BACK.

Bottoms-up, Boomers!



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