“Mysterious” Virus Sending Young People to ICU? Watch Out!

respA mysterious respiratory virus called Human Enterovirus 68 is sweeping across the mid-west putting hundreds of people in intensive care.  To go from cold-like symptoms to being  minutes away from death is very scary.  The most vulnerable to this virus are young people already being treated for Asthma.  Don’t look now but this fast-spreading virus is headed your way!

Here is part of a statement issued from Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children where dozens of young people are currently being treated for this super virus:

Because viruses are not treatable with antibiotics, doctors have been giving patients steroids and medication to help improve breathing – as respiratory problems seem to be the most threatening symptom. But the majority of the emphasis is being put on prevention.

That includes washing your hands, disinfecting items that are touched often and avoiding touching your face, especially your eyes and nose.

What defense do you and your family use to avoid the spreading of germs and viruses?    Do you rely on good marketing of products that assure you that your product “kills 99% of all germs”?   Making that claim is no big deal when you consider that there are plenty of germs that aren’t unhealthy (or deadly).  Killing the big problems call for BIG solutions…far beyond your can of Lysol.

I don’t know for sure that my germ/virus killer will combat  Human Enterovirus 68 (only because it hasn’t been test for it yet) but since it kills everything that it has been tested for so far like e-Coli, Salmonella, MRSA, Gangrene, Typhoid and AIDS, then I’m sure not going to worry about its ability to knock this one out as well.

If germs and viruses concern you and you’re ready to nix consumer marketing tactics and focus on science instead then we need to talk.  There is power (and peace) in knowing that I have an unlimited supply of virus killer in my home 24/7.   What would that be worth to you?



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