Don’t Laugh All The Way To The Doctor’s Office!

phWhen I talk to people about the importance of maintaining a healthy pH balance in the body their eyes often glaze over and they look at me like I have three heads.  Some even attempt to explain to me that the body adjusts itself naturally and that we don’t need to do anything extraordinary to maintain a healthy pH level.  They seem to believe that the body is somehow on auto pilot and it has no need for “outside interference” at all.  Really?   Perhaps it’s time for a science lesson.

Most of us understand that the pH of soil must be maintained at just the right level in order for plants to flourish.  The ideal pH level for most plants is between 6.0-6.5.   The farmer works very hard to keep the pH in balance in order to produce the healthiest crop.   The soil is tested routinely and action is taken to balance the pH when it becomes necessary.  Most soil is overly acidic due to acid rain and other outside influences.  The most common remedy is to add lime to the soil to raise the pH to proper levels.

Many of us also understand that the water in a fish tank must be maintained at just the right pH level (6.5-7.5) or the fish will go “belly up” in the tank.  Without the proper balance, the acid waste from the fish will kill them.  Many natural additives are used to raise the pH like driftwood or pumping CO2 through the tank.  The pH level is tested routinely and action is taken to balance the pH whenever necessary.

It is common knowledge that (up to) 300 chemicals are used to “purify” municipal water so that recycled sewage can become potable (yuck).  In addition to chlorine, sometimes Chloramine, a combination of chlorine and ammonia, (which has proven to be deadly to fish), is added to the water when the “legal limit” of chlorine has been met and the water still needs further sanitation.   Municipal water must maintain a pH level of 7.0 (which is a “neutral” level) to reduce corrosion of the pipes that the water travels through.  The additive used to maintain this pH level is lye (aka caustic soda).

Apparently if we SEE dead plants, dead fish or leaky pipes we understand the importance of taking action to maintain the proper pH level but if it impacts the human body we won’t worry about it until someone with a medical degree prescribes a pill or a surgery in an attempt to treat the problem that was brought on by an acidic body in the first place.

The blood pH level must be 7.36-7.46.  This is a non-negotiable number.  If it doesn’t maintain this level death is imminent so the body will rob itself from any source that it can in order to maintain this level.  Unfortunately, most of us have a body that is on acid overload by the food we eat, the things that we drink (including bottled and municipal water), the air that we breathe and by our overall “toxic” lifestyle.  Unfortunately, the body needs a little help to maintain a healthy pH level with all of this acidic influence.  Leaving it on auto-pilot will result in severe health consequences for you and your family.

I may have 3 heads but the next time you’re tempted to glaze over when someone talks to you about how to maintain a healthy pH level,  you might want to listen up.  Your low pH level is most assuredly wreaking havoc on your health whether disease has manifested yet or not.  I wouldn’t want you to laugh all the way to the doctor’s office when there are healthy alternatives right at your fingertips.

Did you know that just by changing your water to ionized, alkalized, electrically charged water you can profoundly change your health?  In addition to balancing your pH level to an alkaline state,  the molecular structure of  this water will help you hydrate your body at the cellular level…something that isn’t possible when you consume tap or bottled water.

Your body is 70% water…it deserves 70% of your attention when it comes to health.  Drinking ionized, alkalized, electrically charged water is the single, most impactful step that you can take for health and wellness.

Bottoms-up, Boomers!

Change Your Water…Change Your Life!

CLICK HERE to begin your pH journey!


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