Could This Life Have Been Saved? Probably so…

Football-Field-Ball-620x480A 17 year-old high school football player tragically lost his life this week after consuming 2 gallons of water and 2 gallons of Gatorade in a desperate attempt to relieve muscle cramping.  He died of “water intoxication” which caused swelling of the brain.  Had he not succumbed to “water intoxication” he would likely have lost his life from acidosis due the massive amounts of highly acidic Gatorade consumed.  Sadly this young man had already made 2 hospital visits within weeks leading up to his death for headaches and muscle cramps reportedly due to dehydration.

This guy was a shining star.  He maintained a 3.8 grade point average and he was college bound. He hoped to play football in college.   I’m sure that his family was incredibly proud of him and my thoughts are prayers are with them at this time of loss. Unfortunately there are a few minor changes that would have made all the difference in how this story ends.

Good plays, keen strategy and victories aren’t the only things that we look to athletic trainers and coaches for.  We expect them to monitor the physical well-being of our players at all times and to do their level-best to educate those entrusted to them on healthy (and safe) options.  Closer monitoring of this young man’s desperate moves could have resulted in a very different end to this tragic story.

There is a way that this football player could have hydrated and relieved his severe cramping without the risks.  ALL of our trainers and coaches need to be educated on these options.  it’s time to get out of the stone-age and to stop relying on things like Gatorade to do a bad job toward a bigger problem. 

Dehydration is the blame for most of the problems that we see on (and off) the field.  Obviously it’s difficult to remain hydrated while losing so many fluids from sweating.  It’s also nearly impossible to consume the amount of water needed during practice and games because players feel bloated and will often get stomach cramps when they consume the amount of fluids necessary to sustain hydration. Muscle cramping, headaches and injuries (brain and otherwise) are all directly related to dehydration.

There are a handful of trainers and coaches that have entered the 21st century when it comes to introducing state-of-the-art tools to their players.  Director of Sports Medicine and Head Athletic Trainer for Winston Salem University explains the solution much better than I can:

In 2009, Director of Sports Medicine and Head Athletic Trainer for Winston-Salem State  University Rob Woodall decided to test the power of Kangen Water® on his football players.  Woodall himself was not a believer in Kangen Water®, having been quoted as saying, “I have always been a skeptic to these types of ‘just drink the water and you’ll feel great’ claims.”  Little did Woodall know the results he would soon be eyewitness to.

Excerpt from letter of recommendation by Rob Woodall:

The team selected seven players who were known for severe muscle cramps in the midst of strenuous activity. These seven would be drinking Kangen Water® throughout the football season, starting in the end of September. While players who typically did not suffer from such severe cramps were sidelined from several plays to allow their muscles to relax, not one of the seven Kangen-drinking football players complained of any cramping. They were, in fact, in awe that they could drink and drink as much water as they wanted and not even feel bloated.

{NOTE: Due to the molecular structure of Kangen Water® and its ability to hydrate at the cellular level, athletes hydrate more efficiently and therefore don’t feel the need for dangerous levels of water or other fluids}

After the experiment, the former skeptic reported, “In my 12 years serving as a certified athletic trainer and strength coach, I have never seen a product provide the type of results that we experienced while using this product.”

“When the season was over our decision to buy a unit was easy.  Since we’ve had our own unit it has been introduced to all of our athletes with similar results.  I’ve had several athletes say they feel “stronger”, “more athletic” or “lighter on their feet” since they’ve started drinking Kangen Water®.  When an athlete tells you those things it means something”.  (read full letter here)

A simple change in the type of fluids available to this young man could have made all of the difference for him.  Had he been drinking Kangen Water® he likely would not have been experiencing severe cramping because he would have been efficiently hydrated at the cellular level.  Only through his desperate need for relief did he consume 4 gallons of fluids within minutes of practice.

Unfortunately it’s too late for him but it’s not too late for all the others. Hopefully we can learn something through this tragic loss.   It is my desire that this situation will have a positive impact on trainers and coaches moving forward by forcing the change in fluids offered to our players.   Welcome to the 21st century.

Keep in mind that It’s not the quantity of fluids but the quality of fluids that makes the difference.  It’s time for athletic departments and schools everywhere to make responsible, healthy decisions for our athletes. The investment in a Kangen Water® ionizer is a very small price to pay for a human life.

Contact me for more information.  I’m happy to discuss the options with the athlete (or athletic department) in your life.  


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