Alzheimer’s and Aspartame…How Much Evidence is Enough Evidence?

Year after year scientists introduce more and more research on the dangers associated with the consumption Aspartame.  How much science is enough science?  From Alzheimer’s to Autism (and everything in between) methanol poisoning from the use Aspartame can often be credited with the symptoms and the damage.  Just say “NO” to Aspartame.Aspartame Victims

Aspartame Victims

I am advocating for a woman by the name of Diane Fleming who is incarcerated in Virginia after being charged with the poisoning her husband with methanol (wood alcohol).  Lawyers suggested that the high levels of methanol (the body converts Aspartame to methanol) found in her husband’s system  came from Diane’s hand claiming that she added 5-6 ounces of windshield washer fluid to his Gatorade.   Five to six ounces of washer fluid isn’t enough to kill a small child but the court put the blame on Diane for the murder of her husband.  Diane’s defense neglected to bring forth facts (and science) that would prove otherwise.  The coroner wasn’t in court to testify and Diane’s hospital records never made it to court.  The “system” miserably failed Diane Fleming and she will likely die in prison without a miracle.

Diane’s husband drank 6-10 cans of diet soda every day, he consumed several alcoholic drinks each evening mixed with more diet soda and he had just added Creatine to his protocol to “bulk up”.   Creatine instructions include a warning to drink lots of water when using the product but Diane’s husband didn’t heed those instructions…he rarely drank water.  Just 48 hours after he consumed his first Creatine/Gatorade concoction Diane’s husband died.   Toxic overload and poisoning from Aspartame killed Diane’s husband.   He died at his own hand.

Change Your Ways

Diet sodas and other low calorie options (like Crystal Light) are a few of the common culprits of Aspartame but there are hundreds of other consumer products on the market that contain this toxin.  Start reading labels to avoid the use of Aspartame and replace your low calorie beverage options with zero calorie healthy water.  Your body will thank you for it!

How many more illnesses will be blamed on something other than the obvious?  How many people have been misdiagnosed with ” incurable” conditions where Aspartame is really to blame?   How much is enough?

Take the time to watch Sweet Misery and you’ll never look at Aspartame the same.  Diane Fleming’s story can be found at 1:21.



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