Have we Lost Sight of the Miraculous? Apparently so.

the bodyA miracle by a different name is still a miracle.  Whether you give credit for your existence to some great cosmic boom or you give credit to a Creator like I do,  the human body is still nothing short of a miracle.  Yes,  we’ve lost site of the miraculous nature  of the human body.  We take it for granted and we treat it like yesterday’s trash.

We live like we’re the Energizer Bunny…as if the body will just keep going and going all on its own. In fact, most of us pay more attention to the routine maintenance required to keep our vehicles running properly than we do the human body…an obvious sign that we’ve lost site of the miraculous.

I think it’s time to revisit the miraculous nature of the gift we’ve all been given:

 The cardiovascular System –  At the center of the human cardiovascular system is the heart. The human heart is a muscular organ that is a bioengineering marvel.  It works flawlessly, 24/7, throughout the lifetime of each of us and it delivers the blood, a truly miraculous substance made up of 90% water, to all parts of the human body through a miraculously engineered network of arteries and veins.

The respiratory system –  Breathing brings oxygen into a unique set of organs called the lungs. Deep inside the lungs, that oxygen is transferred into the water-based blood system and is used to power all of our muscles, including the muscles that produce the breathing.

The human nervous system – The nervous system starts with the brain, extends down to the spinal cord and connects to every single part of your body through a miraculous network of fibers known as the peripheral nervous system. At the heart of this system is the neuron, a specialized cell that uses water to carry electrical impulses along neural pathways of the nervous system.

The reproductive system:  Of all of the body’s major systems, only the reproductive organs are different in men and women.  There is no greater miracle on the planet than the Creation of a new life… from the genetic basis of life,  to the development of sex organs, to the formation of sex cells, to conception, to the emergence of the embryo, to the growth sequence of the fetus, and finally to the birth of a new human life.  This new life is a miniature version of you with one exception.  At birth this baby is 90% water and (if we’re not careful) by the time we die we are less than 50% water.

The Sensory system:  – Touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight – the human body’s five major senses.  These senses are brought together by our miraculous central nervous system into the most refined way of interacting with the environment of any species on the planet.  The brain is 85% water and it triggers  each of these senses to produce what we call the human being.

The digestive and renal system –  The human body takes in food and water  through a miraculous sequence of mechanical and chemical processes.  Next the body converts that food into nutrients that sustain all the body’s activities while the water serves as the delivery system.    Water is often referred to as the conduit to every electrical impulse that takes place in the human body.

Now that we’ve completed this refresher course as a friendly reminder of the gift of life, will you continue to overlook what your body needs to maintain health and sustain life?

Air isn’t “just air”.   Your body needs to breathe in clean air to function properly.  It matters what kind of air you’re breathing and whether or not your body will benefit or self destruct because of it.

Food isn’t “just food”.  Your body needs healthy, pesticide and GMO-free food to function optimally.   The quality of the food you ingest is directly related to the performance of the human body.  Fill up with acidic,  toxic- laced food and you’ll pay the ultimate price for it.  When it comes to food, junk food can be described in more ways than one.

Water isn’t “just water”.  Water is the source of life and the most important nutrient for the human body and yet it is the most overlooked in terms of health and wellness.   Your body needs healthy water to function optimally.  With your blood consisting of 90% water, the brain 85% water and all of the rest of  you 70% water,  how can you possibly believe that the quantity or quality of the water that you drink doesn’t matter?  Try that strategy on your vehicle sometime.  Make sure that the fluid levels are much lower than recommended and when you add fluids don’t worry about how much or what kind of fluids you add.    Let me know how that works out for you.  The human body deserves a whole lot more attention to quantity and quality…unless you’ve lost site of the miraculous, that is.  You’d be absolutely amazed at the miraculous healing your body can do all on its own if you just give it what it needs.

We may not come in to this world with an Owner’s Manual but we are all given a Maintenance Checklist.  What we do with it is up to us.  Maybe you trust in another cosmic boom to take place to restore your health.  I think I will keep being thankful to my Creator and I’ll treat my body like the miracle I believe that it is by following the Maintenance Checklist.

Bottoms-up, Boomers!



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