Don’t Bother With The Blue Recycling Container. Be Socially Responsible Instead!

plastic bottle triangleDid you know…

That it takes 3 liters of water to make a one liter plastic water bottle?  That’s over a gallon of water used for each liter of commercially bottled water you drink!

That it takes one cup of oil to make a one liter plastic water bottle?  Add the cost to ship water across the globe and you’ve put a HUGE dent in the fuel supply! 

That the average cost of commercially bottled water is over $5.00 a gallon?  If you can somehow justify (what is marketed as) “the good stuff” like Fiji and Penta you’re paying around $8.00 a gallon for water that is no better for you than all the others on the market!

Did you know that the FDA does NOT test commercially bottled water?  Since it usually comes from the same source as your tap water they don’t feel a need to bother.

That roughly 10% of all plastic water bottles are recycled.  The rest of them are tossed in the landfill AFTER you’ve sent them off in eco-friendly blue containers intended for recycling.

You must be drinking something a whole lot stronger than water to justify this foolishness.  If you ever decide to be socially responsible and kick the bottled water habit let me know.  My ionized, alkalized, restructured (water charged with electricity)…anti oxidant water costs only pennies a  day for an unlimited supply and it is reportedly the single most profound thing I can be doing for my health.

 Bottoms-up, Boomers!



CLICK HERE to kick your socially irresponsible water habit!

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