VitaminWater or Liquid B.S.?

vitamin water

In 2009, Coca-Cola was hit with a lawsuit over deceptive marketing of VitaminWater filed by Center for Science in the Public Interest. In response to questioning about the misleading image of “Vitamin Water”,  Coke’s lawyers had made a remarkable argument:  “At oral argument defendants suggested that no consumer could reasonably be misled into thinking vitamin water was a healthy beverage.”   Come on, Coca-Cola!  You knew that lots of consumers would buy into your misleading labeling!   After all, that strategy has worked well for Coco-Cola for years.

Apparently Coca-Cola has recently made changes in an attempt  to combat their bad VitaminWater image.   Today they’re pitching “naturally sweetened” by swapping sugar for  Stevia.   This new strategy isn’t going over very well with their consumer fans.  In addition to thousands upon thousands of complaints about the “bad taste” (many saying it tastes and smells like bug spray) the caloric count hasn’t changed a bit by replacing sugar with (non-caloric) Stevia.  It’s still the same 120 calories and it still has no nutritional benefit whatsoever.   Nice try Coco-Cola but there is at least ONE consumer out here that you aren’t fooling with your spin marketing…me.

I’ll have to admit that I can’t figure out why anybody would spend fortunes buying bottled water by any name believing that it is actually healthy for them but Americans are notorious for being clueless consumers.   For the most part, if you call a product VitaminWater many consumers will think that it actually is a healthy option or if you call a product something like Poland Springs they actually think it came from a spring somewhere.  If that wasn’t so sad it would be hilarious.  Rest assured, if there  ever was any truth to any of those products being healthy and  good for you, all of the good would be wasted by bottling their liquids in in  toxic plastic bottles.   Oops…I forgot.  Most consumers don’t fret over a little toxicity…they’ll buy anything.

Isn’t it time to take a stand on water and to quit expecting consumer product corporations and the FDA to have your back?  The only way that you can be sure that you’re drinking healthy water is to filter and restructure it yourself in the comfort of your own home.  That way you know what is and ISN’T in it and it is naturally 100% calorie free.



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