Health Conscious or Clueless? You be the Judge!

juicingYou may be gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan or some other health nut with a label on it but you’re probably not as smart OR healthy as you think you are.

It doesn’t really matter what health protocol you follow, if you’re not focused on putting healthy water in your body then you’re missing THE most important part of your health protocol.  You avoid “filler” foods at all costs and yet “filler” water seems to be OK with you.  What’s up with that?

I’ve heard it all.  Some of you brag about reverse osmosis water as if you’re doing something great to make your water safe to drink.  Reverse osmosis was originally intended to be used for industrial purposes and not for human consumption.  Reverse osmosis water is highly oxidative and very dangerous for you to be drinking.  Water without minerals has no benefit to your body whatsoever and it doesn’t suffice to take a mineral supplement to right the wrong no more than it makes sense to eat a meal at McDonald’s and then take a multivitamin to make up for it.  The body doesn’t work that way.  IF you’re such an expert on health  you should know that.

Some of you would rather die than to eat an animal by-product  and yet I see you tip your plastic water bottle (at the rate of $5.00 a gallon) without giving it a second thought.  Not only do you choose to overlook the harmful plastics that you’re being exposed to but you apparently don’t give a rip about the damage your plastic bottle is doing to our wildlife.  With only about 10% of our plastics being recycled, there’s a better-than-even-shot that your plastic bottles are out there somewhere doing irreversible damage to many of the creatures that you’re trying to protect.  Sounds like you need a new plan.

There are plenty of others out there that read every label on every product and they’re walking encyclopedia’s of information on things like high fructose corn syrup and GMO’s and yet they think that a simple pitcher filter is good enough to take care of the bigger problem that lives within their water.  Not only is your pitcher water highly oxidative but it doesn’t make any sense for you to think that your $40.00 investment can rid your water of the chemicals necessary to make recycled sewage potable.  No wonder so many opt for another drink-of-choice.

While you’re busy fermenting mushrooms and eating things most of us have never even heard of you’re missing the boat on the most important nutrient for the human body.  W A T E R.  Good water is non-negotiable when it comes to good health.

Water isn’t “just water” no more than food is “just food” or air is “just air”.  Isn’t it time you took water more seriously?  Eating healthy foods and drinking unhealthy water borders on insanity.  After all, with a body that is 70% water it only makes sense that water should be getting 70% of your attention.  Looks like you need to go back to the drawing board.

Bottoms-up, Boomers!



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  1. jackstagman says:

    Great article.

    Jack Stagman

    1. h2orevival says:

      Thanks! Pass it on.

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