Ask The Flight Crew About Toxic Fumes…They Know


A US Airways flight from Venice to Philadelphia was diverted to Dublin after its crew fell sick mid-flight. While crossing the Atlantic, seven of the nine crew members began complaining of nausea and dizziness. According to the Irish Mirror, a fume gas leak in the plane’s galley is to blame.


Have you ever smelled “stinky feet” on an airplane?  Before you ask the flight attendant to move you to another seat READ THIS!

Engine oil fumes can contaminate the cabin and flight deck air supply systems on  any commercial plane.  It is vitally important to limit your exposure because the fumes are highly toxic and can cause both acute and chronic health problems.

These toxic fumes don’t necessarily smell like oil fumes.   Many people think they smell like “stinky feet” while others describe this toxic smell like “old cheese” or “wet dog”.  The important thing to remember is that these odors are not “normal” inside the aircraft and, although they are extremely toxic, the flight crew will not inform or warn you of the dangers (for liability reasons).

Exposure to neurotoxins is serious business that leads to potentially serious neurological health problems.   Symptoms of neurotoxicity are often misdiagnosed because neurotoxic exposure is not understood, reported or considered in diagnostic testing.   Symptoms of exposure often mimic Fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, dementia, depression and many more.

Here is how the Encyclopedia of Occupation Health & Safety defines a neurotoxin:

A neurotoxin is any substance capable of interfering with the normal function of nervous tissue, causing irreversible cellular damage and/or resulting in cellular death

A friend of mine has been a pilot for a major airline for many years and knows first-hand the consequences of neurotoxic syndrome.  This Captain smelled the “stinky feet” on a flight nearing landing and she knew immediately what had taken place.  The plane was landed safely but the entire crew was so overcome by the toxins that wheelchairs were necessary to exit them all off of the plane.  Clearly the last resort for an airline concerned about bad press.

Fortunately my friend understood the damage caused by her exposure so after 2 years of detoxing and natural remedies to remove toxins and repair damage this pilot is back in the air again.  Had mainstream medical been relied upon for the diagnosis she would most likely have been diagnosed with MS or Parkinson’s.  Don’t count on physicians to acknowledge (or give credit to) toxicity.  They are very good at treating symptoms but they “stink” at addressing the root cause of any condition.

This pilot still thinks about the passengers on her flight that day and wonders how many of them were stricken with a chronic “condition” with no knowledge of their toxic exposure on that flight.  Most were probably too busy complaining about “stinky feet”  to realize that they had just been poisoned.  I wonder how many of the passengers on this recent U.S. Airways toxic flight will encounter neurological health challenges with no idea that they were poisoned in flight?

If you’re ever on a flight and you smell “stinky feet” make your own “stink” about it with the flight crew and RUN to report the problem.  The consequences are a whole lot bigger than the threat of being offensive and everyone exposed should be informed.



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