Roto-Rooter For Your Colon? Apparently…


Science World Report:

Novel Vibrating Capsule Promises to Cure Chronic Constipation

Apparently (bored) researchers have come up with what they refer to as a  “non-pharmacological” therapy to treat chronic constipation.   They’ve developed a  capsule with a small engine inside that vibrates as it moves through the digestive tract.  This capsule is  programmed to vibrate six-eight hours after being swallowed.   They claim that these vibrations will trigger intestinal contractions that will aid in “pushing things along” through the digestive tract.  That sure sounds like Roto-Rooter for the colon to me!   I guess desperate problems call for desperate measures.  You really have to be desperate to voluntarily swallow a small engine to “push things along”.  What will they think of next?

There is a safer, more efficient “non-pharmacological” way to address chronic dehydration than swallowing small engines.  The answer is water and your problem is dehydration.

Did you know that when the body is dehydrated it taps the colon for fluids needed for survival?  Nasty! When the colon lacks sufficient fluids it can’t possibly “push things along” the way it’s supposed to!  This is just simple science.

Chronic constipation is more than just being uncomfortable.  It’s toxic for your entire system!  When waste stays in the body for too long toxins eventually enter the blood stream.  This opens up a whole new set of health problems for you later on.  Constipation is no small problem.

It is reported that 50 million Americans suffer with chronic constipation.  Pharmaceutical firms and hospitals take in a tremendous amount of revenue each year directly attributed to treating chronic constipation and yet there isn’t a whole lot of talk about prevention.  Obviously diet plays an important part but an adequate intake of water is just “what the doctor ordered”.  Very simply, if you drink enough healthy water you WILL NOT suffer from constipation.

If you’re inclined to swallow small engines for your problem then go for it. Let me know how that works out for you.   If you’d rather take care of the problem once and for all then you need to drink LOTS of healthy water.  One or two glasses a day won’t get the job done.  Your body is comprised of 70% water and it needs lots of it.  Don’t expect your body to function properly if you aren’t willing to give it what it needs.

For those willing to dramatically increase water intake it only makes sense to be drinking healthy water.  Water isn’t “just water” no more than air is “just air” or food is “just food”.  I believe that Kangen water is the only water for good health and I drink lots of it.  By the way,  I don’t know anybody who drinks Kangen Water that has trouble “pushing things along”.   By changing your water (habits) you can dramatically change your health.   No Roto-Rooter needed.



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