Who Cares About Hungry Children in America? Apparently We Don’t!


You may not be familiar with the brand name Sunland.  Once upon a time they made peanut butter under a number of different labels for retailers like Costco, Kroger and Trader Joe’s, along with products under its own name. Sunland was established in 1988 and shut down in 2012 due to  41 cases of salmonella in 20 states tracing back to their peanut plant.  We live in an unforgiving society.

The shutdown forced Sunland into bankruptcy and cost hundreds of people their jobs.  Naturally the retailers they sold to opted to take the high-road and wanted no association with a brand that had a salmonella problem.  Unfortunately, there was no financial  recovery for this 25-year-old company.

Prior to the Sunland shut-down, millions of  jars of peanut butter was produced for Costco Wholesale.  Although this post-Salmonella peanut butter was thoroughly tested and deemed to be safe, Costco took the high-road and rejected the shipment.  To make matters worse, Costco refused to allow this perfectly safe, healthy peanut butter to be donated to food banks. The end result?   Million of jars of peanut butter valued at $2.6 million was dumped in a landfill in New Mexico last month with no regard whatsoever for hungry children across America.  We live in an uncaring society.

Salmonella is no small thing, mind you.  I’ve “been there and done that” and it’s no picnic  But I think it’s a shame that a company is destroyed after 25 years of good reputation over 41 cases of Salmonella out of millions and millions of jars produced year-after-year.  I also think it’s obscene that anybody would think that dumping millions of jars of peanut butter in the landfill  with so many in need is a reasonable solution.  Shame on all involved.

In spite of FDA intervention in situations like this, I hope that you aren’t one to believe that the FDA is  your friend and protector.  Although they’ll step up with heroics from time-to-time  (when the presses  are rolling), they turn a blind eye every single day, year-after-year to things known to wreak havoc on your health very slowly and surely.  Things like GMO’s, pesticides and bottled water housed in toxic plastic bottles known to cause cancer and to disrupt hormones.  Forty one cases of salmonella is nothing compared to the damage being done for generations to come.  We live in a blind society.



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