Chlorine – Drinking it Isn’t Your Only Problem!

filterChlorine serves a good purpose in the municipal water system process.  After all, how could you recycle sewage and make it potable without it?  If your water comes from a  municipal system  you should be grateful that it’s  loaded with chlorine.

Most people with chlorine water use some sort of filter to address their drinking water but we often overlook the need to avoid exposure to chlorine beyond a glass of water.  It’s time to take a small step toward this big problem!

Your skin is your biggest organ and everything that you’re exposed to on the outside is absorbed and makes its way to the inside.  In fact, the average shower can have the same impact on your body as drinking 6 glasses of pool water!  To make matters worse, the steam in your hot shower is loaded with chlorine and each time you take a breath, you breathe in chlorine.   Not good.  It is vitally important to take steps to avoid all chlorine exposure!

Addressing your drinking water is not as simple as filtering through an inexpensive refrigerator or pitcher filter.  Though the chlorine can be drastically reduced when filtered with either one,  you still have a lot of problems with your source water that these simple things can’t fix.   Taking serious action for healthy drinking water requires an awareness of the magnitude of your problem, an understanding of the importance of healthy water for a healthy body AND a commitment to make a change.  

Addressing your shower water is simple and affordable and (for most) it is a DIY home project.  Your local hardware store will have shower filter options that simply require that you twist off your existing shower head and twist on a filter that will filter your water before it reaches the shower head.  These filters come in different shapes, sizes and colors and they are generally less than $40.  It is recommended that they be replaced once a year.

Each step that you take toward a healthier environment for you and your family, the closer you get to reclaiming (and sustaining) your health.  Take action now!  

Don’t forget that water is the source for all life and the most important nutrient for the human body.  It deserves to get a whole  lot more attention than it has been getting!


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