Do You Think That Water Cause Inflammation? You BET it Can!

dropJust because your water is clear and clean LOOKING doesn’t mean that it is healthy water.  In fact, nothing could be farther from the truth.  You need to stop falling for all of the good marketing that sells you on “natural”, “spring” or “alkaline” water housed in a cancer-causing plastic bottle.  Most of your water sources, from tap to bottled, are very acidic and could be causing you lots of health problems without you even knowing it!  Rest assured, if water is acidic  it will absolutely cause inflammation within the body.   When water is acidic it causes oxidation.  Oxidation leads to aging AND inflammation.  It’s pretty simple science!

What in the world does all that mean?  Here’s is the “Readers Digest” version of what makes water acidic/inflammatory:

1.  In order for water to benefit the human body, it MUST have minerals.  Minerals are mandatory for water to function as water.  Water without minerals can’t benefit you at all.  Well….you may not die of thirst if you’re drinking some sort of fluids BUT remember, water has a specific purpose for the body to function properly.  If that is news to you, perhaps you need to revisit Biology 101.     Minerals are the conduit for the “firing system” that water needs to perform…this is how electrical impulses in the body are created!  Minerals naturally raise the alkaline level of your source water.

2.  Most  bottled water is mineral-free.  When water has been run though a reverse osmosis process  it is (mostly) free of chemicals and contaminants BUT it is also free of all the minerals the human body needs.  This is the reason that reverse osmosis water is referred to as “dead water”.  Reverse osmosis water is very acidic and very damaging to your health.  Reverse osmosis was intended for industrial use only and not for human consumption.  Drinking reverse osmosis water/bottled water WILL cause inflammation and it will lead to many degenerative conditions over time.

3.  Adding minerals or installing a mineral filter is not the answer.  You CAN become to alkaline if you ingest water with lots of added (versus natural) minerals AND if you drink he amount of water that your body is supposed to have.

4.  If you continue to drink acidic water without minerals, your body will go looking elsewhere for what it needs. For instance, it wont’ mind robbing you of the calcium in your bones in order to conduct electricity and to process water the way it needs to for it to properly function.   Over a long period of time you’ll find yourself with arthritis and degenerative conditions like osteoporosis and joint issues, acid reflux and a multitude of other ailments. Pharmaceuticals are necessarily your answer.  A lot of answers can be found in your water.

You don’t have to be foolish anymore.  You don’t have to keep buying in to marketing ploys designed to convince you that you’re drinking “safe” water anymore.  You and I both know that the BPA plastic alone is enough to categorize your water as unsafe, not to mention the fact that your mineral-free water can’t be officially categorized as water at all.

You don’t have to keep robbing your body of what it needs nor do you have to keep  fighting inflammation issues brought on by your water!   It is possible to return water back to its original state…the way it was before we managed to mess things up.  Using a high-powered ionization process you can filter out the harmful chemicals, produce water with an electrical charge (the way nature does),raise the alkalinity using electricity and NOT added minerals, produce ANTI-oxidation properties with electricity (NOT added minerals), eliminate acidity and increase absorption.  If that sounds appealing, there is hope for you yet!


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