Attorney General Targets Stores Over Water Price Gouging…You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet!

pricesWe’re all familiar with the water contamination tragedy that struck West Virginia late last year.  After all, it was headline news week after week.  Those poor people will experience their own Agent Orange-like health challenges for generations to come.  Just ask Erin Brockovich about the long term impact on health for those exposed to toxic waste.

Anytime there is a natural (or unnatural) disaster,  the piranha prepare to take advantage of those less fortunate by peddling the necessities at astronomical prices.   That’s nothing new and that’s precisely what happened in  West Virginia last year.   The state’s attorney general is now accusing a West Virginia convenience store company of illegally raising water prices when the chemical spill left 300,000 people without  usable tap water.   Nice try attorney general, but this attempt at heroics doesn’t fly.  There aren’t any laws that fix pricing on the necessities (in or out of a disaster).   If that was the case, vending machines that raise the prices of drinks based on the outside temperature would be outlawed.  Instead, the concept has been labeled “brilliant” by leaders in the beverage industry.

Don’t look now but there is another water crisis brewing that impacts ALL of us and that makes the price-gouging-water-crisis in West Virginia look like child’s play.

California produces 90% of the nation’s fruits and vegetables.  We have been warned that the prices for these things will increase by 30% over the next year.    Generally, what drives  price increases comes down to supply and demand.  The lingering drought in California (and a government not willing to release water reserves) will create astronomical demand and unbelievable prices for Americans.  Rest assured, they’ll charge whatever the market will bear and there won’t be anybody around fighting to fix prices when our food prices go through the roof.

It’s time to make some serious changes and it’s time to stop depending on somebody else to provide you with your every need.  There may come a time for you when water is not available (or safe to drink) and when produce prices are beyond your means.

Get control of your own water and food resources.  It’s time to buy local food (and support your local farmers) and it’s time to invest in the best water ionizer that you can get your hands on so that you can produce an endless supply of healthy water 24/7 without getting gouged.   Don’t look now but you’ve been getting gouged on water prices for so long that you don’t even notice it!  Unless of course, you think that $6.00 a gallon for bottled water is reasonable.  Hmm…

If you’re one of the lucky ones with an endless supply of financial resources, good for you!  If you don’t mind being at the mercy of everybody else for your every need then keep it up!  You might want to talk to those folks in West Virginia though.  I’m guessing that they are far more prepared (and more independent) than ever before and I’m willing to bet that they have a new appreciation for water.

As for me?  I drink what Erin Brockovich drinks, of course!  Does anything else make sense to you?



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