No Offense India…Keep Your Fake Drugs to Yourself!

indiaDid you know that India currently supplies about 40 percent of over-the-counter and generic prescription drugs to the US?  The drug industry of India is an important part of their economy (it would be for ours too!).   In fact,  India exports $14 billion in products annually.  However, in a new study done by the World Health Organization it is revealed that 20 percent of drugs manufactured in India are fakes.  

The  recent monitoring and subsequent enforcement by FDA has cost several Indian companies a lot of money.  Ranbaxy,  the largest drug manufacturer in the country paid $500 million in fines last year alone.  Great job FDA!  You managed to bring $500 million back into your pockets BUT did you bother to assure that we’re getting safe (authentic) meds in the long run?   I seriously doubt it.  After all, the FDA isn’t known for looking out for the best interest of Americans.  There are dozens and dozens of harmful things that the FDA “overlooks” (and approves of) that are banned in other countries because they have been proven to be unsafe for humans.    I don’t want to live anywhere outside of the U.S. but it sure would be nice if our government cared as much about our health and wellness!  Sadly, in the U.S. it all comes down to economics. 

I lost a lot of faith in the FDA when I starting focusing more on what they AREN’T doing than what they are.  They aren’t banning GMO’s, high fructose corn syrup and harmful pesticides, (to name a few) in spite of the havoc that these things are wreaking on the health of Americans.  They don’t even bother testing bottled water sold in the U.S.  Oh well…I guess since they’re already acutely aware of the harm being done to Americans from the plastics alone, it doesn’t really matter what’s in the bottle!  It can’t get any worse…or can it?

There is a false sense of security surrounding the FDA that boggles the mind.  If I were you I’d get serious about taking control of my own health.   You don’t need the FDA stamp of approval to do that.  At least not yet, you don’t.



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  1. Forrest says:

    Lynn: I read a bit about the Kangen filters. I saw one at a friend’s house in the Leesburg area two weeks ago. Do these filters have cartrigde(s) that need to be replaced? If so, what is the cartridge cost and replacement frequency?

    1. h2orevival says:

      Glad to hear that you’ve looked into Kangen. We have numerous mutual friends that are benefiting from this medical grade water. This is now my full time mission…sharing the Living Water and the water with “life”. I’d like to highlight the 3 most important properties because this unit is much more than a simple filter system:

      1. It raises the alkalinity of drinking water using electricity and NOT added minerals. Adding minerals can ultimately cause many health issues later on.
      2. The electrical charge of the water creates a HUGE antioxidant benefit (green tea = -100 while my tap is approximately -780). It’s not possible to each enough alkaline foods or take enough antioxidants to get the same benefits that you’ll get just by drinking Kangen water.
      3. The electrical charge (if it is high enough) will produce what is referred to as “disossociation of water”…the end result of this is that the molecule clusters repel one another making them small enough to penetrate the aquaporin in the human cell = hydration at the cellular level.

      There is carbon filter that needs to be replaced approximately once a year (depends on personal use). The capacity is 1500 gallons. I have to replace more often because I give away a lot of water. The filter replacement cost is $120. The life cycle of the unit itself is 15-20 years.

      Another thing that will be of particular interest to you is that by altering the pH of the water (from 2.5 to 11.5) you can replace most of the cleaning and personal care products that you currently buy.

      Hope this helps. Sorry to ramble but wanted to be sure that you understood the full potential and uses of this product.

      Let me know if I can answer any more questions. Blessings to you!

  2. jackstagman says:

    Interesting. I did not know about India.

    Jack Stagman

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