Misguided Priorities…No WONDER I Can’t Get Through to People!

deltaBefore I get bashed by the animal lovers and environmentalist I want you to know that I am both.  I fight every day to raise awareness about our environment and the damage that we’re doing to it  (and to our own health).  My family has always had a  dog or two and, although I don’t have one of my own right now, my furry “grand kids” even get Christmas gifts under the tree and free run of my house.  I love animals and the environment but I’ll argue with the best of you over our misguided priorities.

A 4-year-old boy in Arizona is still recovering from his near deadly wounds from an attack by a neighboring pit bull.   This boy’s injuries were so bad that hospital workers were traumatized after seeing them.  He eats and breaths through tubes. His single mother has had to leave her job in order to be with him.  He wasn’t just bitten by this dog, he was mauled and shook like a rag doll.  He nearly died.  Surgeons say that he will likely need 10+ surgeries to repair the damage done by this dog and yet “animal rights” activist have hired a lawyer for the dog and are petitioning for him not to be euthanized.

The Doggie Defense Team claims that the babysitter in charge of this little boy should have been more careful and that the attack is not the fault of the poor pit bull, but carelessness on the part of the Mother and the baby sitter.  Just imagine the outrage had the George Zimmerman defense team claimed that Travon Martin got what was coming to him because he was careless and that his parents should have been watching him more closely.  I shudder to think about the ramifications of that defense! Human life still has value higher than any other life.  Defending this dog over the life and well-being of this little boy is unthinkable.  Misguided priorities.

The Delta smelt (photo above) and environmental activists had a big win in California last week.  Though California’s San Joaquin Valley is the salad bowl of the world, providing the majority of fruits and vegetables for the entire nation, and in spite of California farmers begging for the release of water reserves to fight their way through a devastating drought,  the courts sided with the environmentalists on behalf of the Delta smelt.  After all, this little fish is an endangered species and “can’t fight for itself”.  You can thank that little fish for the high cost of produce AND for furthering the decline of the California economy and beyond.  Misguided priorities.

Sometimes I get frustrated when I’m not able to get through to people on the importance of healthy food and water but I see that I need to give it a rest.  In a world where so many people put animal life before the health and well-being of humans,  how can I expect them to invest in their own health? Misguided priorities.



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