Alzheimer’s…Are You Being Told The Whole Truth?

confusionThere are a lot of mysteries surrounding Alzheimer’s but there are two things that we can be sure of.  First, the Alzheimer’s brain is  chronically dehydrated.  Though the mainstream medical community won’t commit to chronic and consistent dehydration being a primary factor in Alzheimer’s, they ALL admit that the Alzheimer’s brain is severely dehydrated.   The chronically dehydrated brain will eventually begin to shrink up.  Left “untreated” year-after-year  the  spheres of the brain will begin to “collapse” and then fold into the one another.  Hence,  the common behavioral tendencies and memories that “disappear”.  Obviously there are for more scientific explanations written by far more eloquent writers but this is the bottom line in simple terminology.

As I was researching Alzheimer’s for a friend of mine, I landed on the Alzheimer’s Association home page looking for information and support. It’s no wonder we have a problem.  Sadly, the Association discusses the importance of hydration for Alzheimer’s BUT they casually mention that the body is 50% water.  News Flash for the Alzheimer’s Association:  The body is  supposed to be  70-75% water and the brain is 85% water.   To make matters worse, the Alzheimer’s Association  goes on to say that there are alternatives to  drinking water like juice, coffee, tea, milk, etc.   There is no replacement for water and your brain knows the difference.  Water is the conduit to the electrical impulses in the body.  No substitute can provide that to the body or brain.  Since chronic dehydration plays a major role in Alzheimer’s there is no excuse for this misinformation by one of the leading resources for this disease.

Natural News:

Water is the most important nutrient for the human body.  Those who have lived for many years without proper water intake are the most likely to succumb to the buildup of toxins in the body.  Chronic disease is always accompanied by dehydration and, in many cases, caused by it. The longer a person lives on a low water ration and/or on a high ration of stimulating beverages or foods, the more severe and long-lasting will be the toxicity crisis. Heart disease, obesity, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, stomach ulcers, hypertension, cancer, MS, Alzheimer’s, and many other chronic forms of disease are preceded by years of “body drought.” Infectious agents such as bacteria and viruses cannot thrive in a well-hydrated body. Drinking enough water is, therefore, one of the most important disease-prevention measures you can take.

The second thing that we know (through research conducted in the past 10 years) is that the Alzheimer’s patient often has a very high level of aluminum in the body.  This metal toxicity works against brain function (and many other things).  Avoiding the obvious is relatively simple.  No aluminum cans or pans, etc.  However, there is a dirty little secret that most of us don’t even know about.

Most aging Americans (needlessly) struggle with acid reflux/heartburn and most of them flock to the store for a roll of antacids to ease the “pain” before they advance to a doctor’s visit and a prescription. What many don’t know is that most over-the-counter antacids can contain anywhere from 150-600 milligrams of aluminum per tablet!  Perhaps this is why you’re warned against long-term use?

There is no excuse for acid reflux/heartburn.  There are easy, healthy answers for that if you’re willing to try.  If you opt for a few antacids every time your tummy fights back, you could be paying the ultimate price in years to come.

Since there is no known cure for Alzheimer’s and no reasonable treatment besides comfort care, isn’t it worth stepping outside of your comfort zone to try a simple change?  You can kill two birds with one stone.  Drink ionized, alkalized water and not only will you efficiently hydrate the brain (and all the rest of you),  but you’ll also do away with the need for antacids.

Sound too simple?  Maybe you ought to try it for yourself before you close the door of possibilities.   What do you have to lose?



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