I’ve Seen That Look Before Dozens and Dozens of Times!

116 year old

Allow me to introduce you to Misao Okawa.  She has a birthday coming up this week…her 116th!   Misao  is the picture of health.   If you look closely you’ll  see it all over her face.  Her rosy complexion doesn’t come from make-up.  She is well fed and well “watered” (most likely with Kangen Water based upon her location, her age and her beautiful skin).  I’ve seen that look dozens and dozens of times before!   Not only has Okawa NEVER had a serious illness,  she still has a sound mind and a sense of humor in spite of her 116 years!  I think we have a lot to learn from the Japanese!

Did you know that Japan has the highest proportion of elderly in the world?  In fact, there are 40 centurions per 100,000 people in Japan and their average life expectancy is 83 years old (compared to 78 in the United States).   Most Americans don’t hope for longevity because most of us have failing health LONG before we reach our senior years.  After all, who wants to live a long SICK life?  But there IS HOPE if we open our minds and look closely at Japan for some of the answers.    Japan is #1 for health and longevity in the world and diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s are almost non-existent!  The U.S. is #41….just a notch below Cuba and we’re #1 for cancer and Alzheimer’s.  I believe that is justification enough for paying closer attention to the Japanese health protocol!

When asked about her secret to a long, healthy life Misao Okawa said “Eat and sleep and you will live a long time. You have to learn to relax.”  Okawa says she eats three large meals a day, and sleeps at least eight hours a night and that her favorite meal is sushi (who can blame her?).   Ironically her Japanese predecessor,  Jiroemon Kimura (who died  of natural causes last year at the age of 116)  said the same thing.   No doubt these are key components to good health but what else are we missing?  After all, there are plenty of Americans that “eat, sleep and relax” who never see the same good health or longevity.  Hmm…

At first glance you might say that this longevity and good health are attributed to diet but I don’t think it’s that simple.  Again, there are lots of people around the world that eat a healthier diet without the same benefits.  I think the real answer is too simple for most to comprehend.

Okawa and Kimura both had access to two key components to excellent health aka “the fountain of youth”.  First, they have access to the finest, most potent wild turmeric found anywhere in the world.   Okinawa is known for having the best conditions for growing the finest turmeric.   I’m sure these two centurions ingested a lot of it over the past 116 years because turmeric is a part of the daily diet for most Japanese.   Americans rarely use this spice for cooking much less for their health!   Not only that, if  Americans happen to buy-in to the benefits of turmeric for good health they go to Amazon to find the cheapest product…not the healthiest.  We put our wallets well above our health in America.  

When it comes to your health, it doesn’t pay to be cheap.  It’s important to note that more and more science is released (almost) every day on the benefit of turmeric in “treating” and AVOIDING Alzheimer’s  and dementia altogether.  Rest assured that not all turmeric is created equal…the REAL advantage is in wild, organic turmeric from Okinawa.  Just ask Okawa!  My Okinawan wild turmeric comes at the cost of $5.00 per day but believe that my health is worth it!  I can’t speak for my American friends.

The second key component is likely to be Kangen Water.  Kangen is Japanese for “return to origin” and this water has been part of the Japanese culture for the past 40 years.  Over 30 million people in Japan own their own Kangen Water ionizers…the others have access to it from hospitals, etc.  The Japanese Ministry of Health & Welfare (equivalent to our FDA) has approved Kangen Water ionizers as medical devices based upon proven health results.  The Japanese believe that Kangen Water  is their very own “fountain of youth” (and I agree with them!).   This water has also been approved by the Japanese Association of Preventive Medicine for Adult Diseases.  For good reason their physicians  “prescribe it”.   By the way, the inspiration behind Kangen Water ionizers came from studying the properties of the “healing” waters found in places like Lourdes, France and Tlacote, Mexico.   Is there any wonder the Japanese love this water?

So…good food …Kangen Water…plenty of sleep…relaxation…turmeric.  Can you handle that?  If not, take 2 aspirin and call the doctor in the morning.   I’m sure that your doctor will be more than happy to write you a new prescription guaranteed to mask your real problem.

As for me?  I’m following the Japanese!  I don’t necessarily strive for 116 years but I sure like the idea of good health, a sound mind. a sense of humor and a rosy complexion for the rest of the time that I have left here.

Happy Birthday, Misao Okawa!



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