Good Heroin versus Bad Heroin? Is That a Joke?

heroinIsn’t it just like America to dodge responsibility and point fingers at everyone else when something goes wrong?  Philip Seymour Hoffman tragically overdosed on illegal drugs and we got busy trying to place blame on the drug dealers that sold him “bad” heroin?  If it wasn’t so sad it would be comical.  I wonder where drug enforcement is when a “nobody” overdoses on “bad” heroin?  Bad heroin didn’t kill Philip Seymour Hoffman…he killed himself.

We have a lot of heroin users in the U.S. and the number of users is growing every day.  In fact, heroin is fast becoming the drug-of-choice for our young people.  When I was a kid  heroin users were categorized as the lowest of the lowest drug addicts.  Desperate drug addicts doing desperate things to obtain their “fix”.   Today heroin is readily accessible  and more affordable than some alternatives.   Heroin has crossed class barriers and it is running rampant through our schools.  The cost is often deadly…”bad” heroin or not.

So what’s happened to draw our young people to heroin?  The answer might be as close as Mom & Dad’s medicine cabinet.   As more and more Americans look to pharmaceuticals for solutions for their aches and pains, more and more young people are dipping into the medicine cabinet for their own thrills.  What most people don’t consider is that heroin is processed from morphine which is derived from the opium poppy, the same opium poppy from which many of the legal prescription narcotics are derived.  So you see Mom & Dad…your legal heroin could be getting your kid off on the right track for their own heroin addiction down the line.

When Mom & Dad’s supply is gone, kids will often go to the streets and then it all comes down to economics.  Dealers charge anywhere from $50-$80 per Oxycotin pill while heroin costs $3 to $10 a bag.   Since heroin doesn’t have the same time-released thrill as Oxycotin does, many young people who use heroin start off snorting the drug, and within weeks most start shooting up. Don’t look now but it could be happening to your own child.

There are dozens and dozens of pieces of advice that can be offered to parents concerned about their children using drugs.  At the top of my list would be STOP FILLING YOUR MEDICINE CABINET FULL OF YOUR OWN NARCOTICS and start looking for healthier solutions to your problems.   You may think that your legal narcotics are helping you but they are only numbing the pain for an underlying problem that could be addressed by making a few changes in your lifestyle.

Take it from one who knows.  I had the pleasure of ingesting powerful narcotics to numb my back pain so that I could “function”.  I wore a neck brace, I slept in a recliner, I downed narcotics and I ran from surgery.  The answer to my problem was as simple as drinking LOTS and LOTS of what many refer to as “medical grade” water.  No more pain…no more pills…no more need for surgery.

Stop taking the lazy way out.  It’s easy to fill a prescription but it takes commitment to address the underlying problem.  Look for options before your legal drug habit takes its toll on your own child.



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