Mandatory Breast-Feeding? Why Not?

The United Arab Emirates has drawn a line in the sand over the well-being of their infants and they’ve  passed a law that makes breastfeeding mandatory.  It remains to be seen if baby formula will be outlawed all together but wet nurses will assuredly be made available for those mother’s who simply can’t (or won’t) make breast-feeding work.  By the way, in the days before formula became popular, there were “agencies” that supplied wet nurses to those unable to feed their young.  That may not sound appealing to you but it sure beat the alternative!

It may seem radical on the outside, especially to those who believe that you have a right to do whatever you want to do without exception (or consequences), but it’s probably not a bad idea to take a stand to protect our young if parents refuse to do so for the sake of convenience.


  1. If baby formula was outlawed (or otherwise unavailable), would you let your baby starve to death?
  2. If handing your baby over to a wet-nurse to feed was the only option when opting out of breast-feeding would you try a little harder to make it work?
  3. Do you criticize the parents of 200 lb first graders for buying them junk food to eat yet encourage a mother’s right to feed her newborn high fructose corn syrup in a can that’s labeled as a “healthy alternative” to breast-feeding?
  4. Do you say “aw…how cute” when you see an animal take over the feeding for another and yet you gag when you consider another human being breastfeeding some else’s child?
  5. Would the requirement to feed your child the way your body was designed to do (don’t yell at me, I didn’t create it) discourage you from having children in the first place?

Rest assured, the U.S. government KNOWS the dangers of baby formula and the impact it has our childhood obesity issues.  The “Latch On” program is a good example of one politician stepping out to make a positive change for our children.  Here is what Mayor Bloomberg put in motion that nearly got him tied to a stake and burned alive:

Latch On – A program that encourages hospitals to make it difficult for new moms to obtain formula “goody bags.” Instead of traditional take-home bottles being handed out, mothers have to request it like medication, and listen to a lecture from hospital staff discouraging formula feeding, unless absolutely necessary.

Schools are starting to initiate fines for parents who send their child to school with a less-than-balanced lunch and yet we want everybody to mind their own business when it comes to baby formula?  There is something drastically wrong with that rationale.

I am the proud mother of four (grown children) and I understand the challenges that some have with breastfeeding….especially for working moms like me.   I also know that there are many mothers who don’t give the concept a second thought and they wouldn’t read a formula label if their life depended on it.  The fact that formula cans have a cute little picture on the packaging and the fact that it is intended to be fed to our precious bundles of joy does NOT mean that it is safe and healthy!   Use With Caution!!!

Maybe forcing women to breast-feed is a little over-the-top but I think it’s time to re-educate America on healthy options for our kids and I think that we should be demanding affordable, healthy, non-GMO, non-fructose corn syrup formula for our babies.  Maybe if the market wasn’t so lucrative for the suppliers, they would be forced into offering safe formula instead of canned fillers.  Just a thought.

Fight back for HEALTHY changes!  The next generation is worth it!


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