When “Made in Japan” Takes On New Meaning

made in japanThere is an old saying that goes like this “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.   I think that this is a fitting phrase for the Japanese people. Regardless of our political position and war wounds of the past, you have to admit that these people are innovative and resilient!  They are also the healthiest people on the planet.   In fact, Japan is #1 for health and longevity in the WORLD…the United States is #38.    How is it that the “most powerful” nation in the world can be so far down on the list for health and longevity?   I think that “made in Japan” might  hold a few answers for us.

Japan is not brainwashed by modern medicine.  They are open-minded to a natural approach to health and wellness and they promote alternative options to all of their people.   Obviously they have a lot more faith in the human body’s ability to mend itself than we do and they aren’t tempted by the high profit potential of all of those “modern” options that we all know don’t cure anything.

The Japanese believe that the best defense is a good offense.  Their proactive approach to wellness is far more focused on  avoiding disease altogether than it is on treating disease.   It is because of their commitment to avoid disease that they have adopted (and developed) some power tools that you might want to pay attention to.   However, if you are close-minded and inclined to put all of your faith in “doctor-gods” to fix you when you break,  you should probably stop reading now.  After all, with all of the money in healthcare it doesn’t make any sense that you would be looking to your “doctor-god” to recommend a natural approach to anything.    In their defense, they are trained (and paid) to treat…not to avoid.

Within Japan, the island people of Okinawa enjoy the longest life spans. In fact, Okinawa has a higher percentage of people over 100 years old than any other place in the world, and fewer old people in Okinawa suffer from dementia or hip fractures than those in the United States.  Even common American maladies like breast cancer and heart disease are considered relatively rare among their population.  Why is that?  You sure can’t limit the credit to a rice and fish diet.  After all, diet is pretty standard across Japan and yet Okinawa stands out from the crowd.

One theory is that the finest, most potent turmeric in the world comes out of Okinawa.  With ready access to the best turmeric in the world, the Okinawan’s make it part of their daily diet.  Turmeric has been scientifically proven to be a powerful antioxidant, a “big gun” in battling (and preventing) cancer  and it has an astonishing effect on Alzheimer’s and dementia.   Don’t rush out to your local drug store for a bottle of turmeric if you want to get the results the Okinawan’s get.  You’ll need the best of the best and it’s worth the price you’ll pay for it.  The proof is in the science.

Another important protocol that the Japanese use for health and wellness is Kangen Water.  The Japanese have been using Kangen Water in their hospitals for decades.  The introduction  of Kangen Water into their wellness protocol is a prime example of the Japanese innovation and another good reason they are #1 for health and longevity.  Categorized as a medical device in Japan, this water is high in pH and known to have. incredible antioxidant capabilities.  In fact, this water  mirrors (and then some) the “healing waters” found in places like Lourdes, France, Tlacote, Mexico and the Himalayas where people flock by the millions every year just to get a chance to experience the healing properties.   Today 30 million Japanese  families have this technology in their own homes.  Those that don’t have it in their homes can get Kangen Water from hospitals or businesses to take home.  The Japanese are smart enough to know that water isn’t “just water” and they care enough about wellness to share only the best with their people.  Hmm…that’s a novel concept.

My hat goes off to Japan for their commitment to wellness and I’m following their lead.  Since they are #1 for health and longevity in the world, I think that we could all stand to learn a few things from them.  What about you?



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  1. Kathryn Rottier says:

    good post, my dear. thank you for taking care of my girls.

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