Hey, West Virginia! You Better Have Thick Skin and a Gas Mask!

water cycle

The recent chemical spill tragedy in West Virginia highlights our stupidity about how the environment works.  There is a false sense of security about tap water that boggles the mind.  West Virginians may get the “green light” to begin using their tap water again, along with assurances that it is “safe”, but the problem (for all of us) is far from being over.

The saying “what goes up must come down” has to do with more than just gravity.  It applies to our environment as well.  Very simply, what goes into the ground eventually ends up in your water supply.  What shows up  in your water supply eventually ends up in your air.  What shows up in your air eventually ends up in your water again.  This is nature’s way of recycling.

Though the privately managed municipal water treatment firm in West Virginia may say that the water is “safe” to drink, they can’t control the damage to the environment that may impact all of us eventually because every river feeds into another body of water.  If we’re not careful, we’ll all be “up the creek without a paddle”.

The news was filled with  urgent requests for bottled water for the victims of this chemical spill.  Unfortunately, most bottled water IS tap water.  Another false sense of security.  The last thing these poor people needed was bottled municipal water laced with more toxins.  I wonder…how many of those tens of thousands of plastic bottles will ever make it to a recycling center.  Not many.

It’s time we all stop being stupid when it comes to our health.  Water is the source of life and THE KEY component for good health.  Stop trusting municipal waters sources.  STOP BUYING water in a bottle that you already know is bad for your health!  Stop taking water for granted and do something to protect yourself and your family before another chemical spill makes it downstream.



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  1. Kathryn Rottier says:

    that’s a good one lynn.

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