The Calorie Conscious Don’t Use Vending Machines…Thanks, Anyway FDA


New FDA rules might mean that we’ll be seeing more than  just price tags for items sold in vending machines.  A list of calorie counts might also be included soon.  Hilarious!   Unfortunately, high calories are only a very small part of the problem that you’ll find in vending machines!

Apparently the FDA has run the numbers and they claim that if just 2% of obese adults ate 100 fewer calories per week, the savings in health care would be worth the millions it would cost to place this information on vending machines (sounds like we’ll be paying for that too).  I guess they just don’t “get it”.    Those who flock to vending machines don’t give a rip about calories OR content.  I’ve seen plenty of skinny people throwing money into these junk food giants.

It is estimated that there are 5 million snack vending machines across America and they all contain items that aren’t fit for human consumption no matter what the “calorie count” is.  Imagine if each of the 5 million machines took in a mere $5 a day.  This is BIG business and it isn’t likely to go anywhere no matter how BIG Americans get.  Label away, FDA!

If you want to do something meaningful to help cut the health care costs associated with the use of vending machines, you can begin by getting these junk food giants out of our schools.  I’d hate to think that the money the school systems make on our young people is worth throwing them under the bus.  Ouch!


CLICK HERE for your own healthy “vending” machine!

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