Make This The Motto For 2014

work hard

A friend of mine told me that he saw a 2013 survey on the news that was very telling.  People polled were asked to vote on  whether  2013 was a “good” year or a “bad” year.  It’s shocking to hear that 87% of the people voted that 2013 was a BAD year.  How sad.

I would venture to guess that many people categorized 2013 as a bad year due to their financial challenges.  The downturn in the economy seems to have no end and it continues to take its toll on millions of Americans year after year.   When financial woes strike, many other stressful trials often follow.  Stress is a killer.

Einstein defined insanity as “continuing to do the same thing over and over while expecting a different result”.  If you are happy saying  goodbye to 2013,  what changes are YOU going to make to assure that 2014 is a better year?  Obviously you can’t just keep doing what you did (or didn’t do) in 2013 and expect that 2014 will end on a different note.

 There are plenty of “jobs” that can be created for those willing to work hard.  There is no need to be stressed because nobody is willing to “give you a chance”.   After all, there are only so many jobs to go around and with millions of others in the same boat, you could be waiting a very long time for your perfect job.   Whether you need to make extra money or you need to replace your income you can do it IF you’re willing to “work really hard” and you are “kind”.

I have been self-employed for a very long time and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  You can determine your own schedule, your  income and you aren’t likely to fire yourself!  I switched directions a few years ago from one area of expertise to another for reasons of my own.  Perhaps my journey will be of benefit to you.  Remember, there is a lot of money that can be made in a bad economy IF you are willing to “find the need and fill it”.

The first course of action is to determine the needs (aka what sells).  With all of the focus on healthcare, with the health of Americans on a downhill slide, with millions and millions of baby boomers in the market AND with the health and wellness industry booming, I concluded that there are lots of “needs” (and opportunities to make money) in and around the health and wellness industry.

Next, I looked for a proven company and a proven product.  In my situation I chose the Cadillac of the line because I like to represent the best in all things and because the manufacturer of this product has been in the business for 40 years.  They are stable and the product will be available for the long run.   Representing this company works very well for me.  First, I’m kind and I tell others about the options…they buy…the company ships.  How simple is that?

After that, I considered how many people in America “need” this product.  In my case everybody in the world needs it and they are already using a variation of what I’m marketing.  Since everybody already needs what I have, everybody is a “prospect”.  With that being said, my role is that of an educator to highlight the differences in the options on the market (that’s easy).   There isn’t a whole lot of selling needed for that!

Lastly, I looked for a fair and equitable income plan.   As a self-employed person, I know that I can build an adequate income for my needs (and the needs of my family)  IF the financial plan sense.  Mine is superior.  In fact, it is so unique that it holds a U.S. patent!

I encourage you to consider ALL of your options and to  look for an avenue to create your own income so that you can make 2014 a great year financially.

Don’t forget to follow this motto…work REALLY hard and BE KIND.    As Paul Harvey would say “that’s the rest of the story”.

Make it a great 2014!

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  1. Bev Clark says:

    Very well said and so true. Good advice fro 2014!

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